Hey Madhurie! I am not receiving any updates about your articles?

By Madhurie Singh, June 21, 2013

Ok so you land on my site, love it and want to pinit.  Especially when very soon there will be several school reviews and admission dates posted for the year 2014-15. Also all new developments about the cool portal schoolkhojo.com will be posted here until it goes live.

But I still get emails from people who complain that they are not receiving the email updates from this site.

Where is the problem?

If you in the past, have written your email address to subscribe to the emails for all the updates, You MUST activate it, by clicking the link sent in the email soon after. Only then you will start receiving my articles, reviews and posts in your email box.

SO if you have not activated, type your email once again in the box and activate it.

From now on, all queries received in the comment boxes of the articles will be answered.

Queries received through emails are great but unfortunately, I am repeating the same answer every time. And many parents who can actually benefit from the questions and answers are missing out. 🙁

I will still answer emails if the subject is one of the following:   Business proposal, SchoolKhojo related, Promotion related or News item.

Comments are a great way to get free answers too 😉 provided they are a one-liners.

If there is something you wish to write that may be private, you may want to use the contact form. But those are paid answers. 🙂


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