How are babies made?

By Madhurie Singh, April 07, 2010

I remember my brother asking this question to my mom years back, and she turned into a red beet root !

He came and asked me later and I realized, I had the knack of simplifying things to make them understandable to kids or even adults 😉 .

So I am always ready to answer my sons questions.

AT SuperIndianKid, we had a fruit salad day. They saw each fruit had different seeds and different sizes. Also most knew that trees grow from seeds. So when we were back while watching Discovery, I quickly called them to watch how babies are made. A program called “Journey of Life” was being aired.

” Do you know from where do plant come?”

” From Seeds!!!”, both shouted.

“Do you know from where did you both came ?”

” Yes, you tummy !”

” Ok but who put you inside ?”

” Bhagwaanji”


Now they looked at each other’s face. Till then the censored part of channel program was over and I pointed them to the sea of white star like things on the screen. “They are called sprems, they are seeds in men.”

Both started laughing loudly, till I shouted at them to keep quite. 🙂

Then I pointed at the TV screen again, “That is the seed in all women., it’s called egg.” Again, they started laughing.

” Mumma you mean EGG = Anda?”

“Yes same egg, that hen gives.”

“God joins them together and puts by his power into mumma’a tummy. Then mumma gives food, oxygen through her blood to the baby to grow by a pipe joined at you naval.”

“Why not in Papa’a tummy.?

” Because only mumma has a special bag to keep the baby safe, papa do not have it.”

“Also  when mumma protects the baby in that special bag, papa protects mumma. ”

“Yes because  papa has more strength and muscles”. They shouted.

” Ok” . By then the program in the TV changed to more than their capacity and we changed it to cartoons.

I think the seed worked well and can be elaborated later.

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