How can you find if this school is good?

By Madhurie Singh, May 05, 2016

Every day I get more than 50 emails with just one context mentioned, “Mam, is this school good?”

Those who write to I can understand that they have read my blogs and know that after reviewing school since 2006, there is not a single parameter that I am unaware of when suggesting a school.

But when worried parents start asking if this school is good or not on social media, I get worried by the type of answers other people start giving keeping in mind only about what has been their experience.

No one bothers to ask about the nature of the child, values taught to the children,values of the school management, safety, hygiene, curriculum, teachers, affordability, distance or all the other minor parameters.

I am surprised to know read the parameters mentioned in the answers. They proudly mention about the infrastructure of the school, the number of activities proclaimed to be conducted in the schools, the results of the last batches who have passed class 10 or 12 and such irrelevant parameters.

These may be the parameters in the past. In future for those who have come up to a certain level in the society should not repeat it for their own children. Each generation should aspire to move forward keeping their values intact.

So while you did your schooling from a 100 yr old school, assess if the school is fit enough to teach the children what they should for the year 2025!

There are parents in the smaller cities who have no option. Does not really matter. Just ensure your child is going to a school.

Those who studied in smaller cities and have a wonderful career now should allow their own children to get exposure apt for their current environment. Also, this allows more needy children to get seats in the schools within their own towns.

That is how a country progresses.

So what is the definition of a good school?

In my opinion, we send children to schools to get literacy along with skills and values that will call them to be educated enough. Mind you, getting mere literacy is not same as getting educated. I can teach my kids very easily till graduation but that is being selfish. That is thinking about my feelings only. If I have to ensure my kids become a good responsible citizen of this nation, then they have to attend a school where children from various states and strata sit under one roof. The ability to compete, fight, help and feel compassion can be easily expected when they are surrounded by these situations where they have to think and decide what to do next on their own.

Hence, if a school is allowing the children to make their own decisions about how to plan and study a topic is the best school. Schools, where the curriculum allows the children to understand the concepts not only very easily but also enables them to figure out the application of these concepts in the daily life situation.

If the teachers are enthusiastic and have the understanding of the concepts then it would be a boon.

But sadly very few parents ask me if a school is safe and hygiene! For me, safety is more important than anything else. The boundary walls, approach roads, accessibility by strangers from any side of the school, cameras in the corridors and stairs are important points along with how easily parents can walk into the school.

The infrastructure, activities, results and all other claims are added bonus but not the basic needs of a student from a school. ;

I am hoping I have made enough clarity.

The last point that has to be addressed is that for each sector of the society in India, from K-12 classes, there is a best school. So do not ask for best school randomly on a social media forum unless you have specified the fee, distance, expectations and aspirations. Also to expect an informed answer from a stranger on the forum is also rather silly. People will answer based on their own social status, fee affordability, experience and so on.

Do you select your career option by randomly seeking advice on any public forum? Then why do it for your children’s school?

You are welcome to ask questions here.

I always learn something new from your articles ...keep posting .... I am interested to know about , making blogs and using it fruitfully !

Hello mam! I am interested to know about, making blogs and using it effeciently ...

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