How do I answer embarrassing questions asked by my child?

By Madhurie Singh, March 17, 2012

No prize for this, but every parent has to go through the awkward, nightmarish and embarassing questions asked by their children.

The best way to handle them is, to answer them as honestly as possible without describing anything in details. Leave the gory details for later years :).

But there will be time when even people  like  me get stuck and do not know what to answer, how ever creatively I have tried to asnwer the questions in the past.

But one thing you must never do is scold them for their curiosity. The more you answer the more are the chances that they will not have to ask anyone else. So when you tell them you do not know the answer will be taken very easily by the child. Or when you tell them that  you will find the right answer and tell them, they will wait. 

So recently I was stumped by such a query while watching TV. 

"Mom ! What is r*p*?"

"When some one tries to kiss someone without permission or forcibly. Would you like if a stranger kissed you when you were walking on the roads? "

"No way!"

"Well that's r*p*".

Today was again such a day. A TV channel was promoting one of their serials and this is what they caused.

"Mom what is shaaree**k samb***dh

I was really dumb founded. 

So I thought of giving this a pass.

"I will answer after you finish one maths problem."

"ok" since he is really very good with math problems he was very excited.

I went to the last chapter of his math text book and asked him to solve the last question.

Shocked, he said, " Mom, I have not reached that chapter. We are not taught the two chapters before that, how can I answer the last one?"

"Are you sure? Try it" 

"Yes mom I think I will wait till it is taught in the school. This is what you always say that do not jump to next chapter without finishing the current chapter!"

"Right, similarly, there are many things for which you will get your answer when you complete few more years."




After reading this article...immediately came to my mind dat our TV oepons with a Sky Shopping channel and every time they are airing a product to improve S-- & married life...using all sort of provoking words. I am always at fear if she picks up any of these nasty words... Today Kids are getting to know many words or events which are not meant for thr tender age. Recently I came across one such awkward situation... in school most of the kids share their mumma's mobile number so that dey can call each other during holidays. I got one such call from my daughter's classmate. As soon I picked up the phone the little boy said, Hello! Aunty pls gv phone to Bhoomi, I want to talk to her. I said, OK...but who are you??? The reply came---I am her BOYFRIEND. I was taken bk ...and asked him to gv the phone to his mumma. As soon she picked the phone...she was laughing and said...Oh! I dint teach him....he by himself used this word... When I asked my daughter who this boy was?? Thankfully reply came as Classmate who sits with me on same bench...and not as I m his Girlfriend.... One more incident.... Actually, a kid in Sr KG is superficially aware that drawing a Heart shape between a girl & boy name means they are in LOVE. I came to know this when my daughter one day came to me to show that her friend has drawn such Heart Shape bet names on a tree in society... Though I dint react to that..... bt thought how much dey wud kw whn dey grow up little more.... KIDS can't be blamed as even cartoon characters use such phrases/ words liberally... This generation kids are more knowledgeable as well as matured compared to thr age.... I was taken back recently when my 6 yr old cm to me and said calmly ...Mom...Im 6 yrs now...when I grow up little more with whom I will play ??? Sometimes I dont feel like going out & play wit my friends...I feel like playing at home with someone....then one by one she took the names of her friends having sister/ brother siblings to play with... I asked to repeat the same to her dad...but she was was not ready to talk to her dad... She said-No Mumma comes from mumma's tummy...the way I came...what is the use of talking to pappa...??? I simply said...every baby is having a mumma and a pappa...and the baby is loved by them getting a baby needs mumma & pappa both...and she said OK Mom...i will speak to him as well () OMG! curious minds at work....

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