How do insurance companies test nicotine?

By Madhurie Singh, July 03, 2012


DO you think you are really smart to dodge the insurance company?

Lets say you smoke occasinally, so you will fill the form as non-smoker as you think only chain smokers are called as smokers.

But when you get the medicals done, your reports show that you are consuming nicotine.

How the hell did the clinic find out, even when you had not smoked for a week or for a month?

Smoking Claims




A test called  Cotinine test is done on the urine and blood samples.

Cotinine is a by product of nicotine which is produced due to nicotine passing into blood  when you smoke. This cotinine is that sneaky residue left that will live to tell your tales. 🙂

SO even after a week of not smoking, cotinine lives in your urine to leak out your secrets.



Now if you were smarter you would want to wait for another month before health test by the insurance company.

Sadly, now your hair follicles raise out and cry out your dirt nicotine intake habits!

Yes, the cotinine remains in your hair follicle till three months !

Now do not assume after fourth month, you can be the winner, cuz, there are many other tests which are secretly used only by the insurance companies. I am guessing these insurance companies must be funding research centers to find out better ways of testing traces of cotinine even afters years of intake.

So that leaves you with only one option, either declare that you smoke and feel free to smoke


stop smoking completely.

So add to your misery, 🙂 sitting in the company of smokers also leads to positive nicotine intake and there are certain food items that actually give fake nicotine consumtion in the tests.  Also FYI , you cannot get this test done in India on your own as its done only for insurance companies.



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