How I Protect My Sons' Laptop From Cyber Dangers

By Madhurie Singh, March 03, 2016

Cyber crimes will increase and only those parents who are aware and care about the safety of their children should read this blog. 

The other day I opened Youtube and was surprised to see very sleazy videos suggested by Youtube. 

How on earth these videos are showcased on Youtube's homepage? 

And that's when it occurred to me. My sons use laptop and Youtube heavily. What if they too are watching? What if they click? What if they get sucked into it? 

So I opened my son's laptop and was really upset to see the similar suggestive videos. Even though kids now a days are born with Laptops, Mobile phones, Cars and TV, primitively the human brain lurks for anything related to reproduction. 

I teach my boys a lot and very openly. Like yesterday after making them watch a video on how a 12 yr old boy was planning to tease a girl by calling her "Acid" as he thought she had peed in her skirt.

So I explained to them the whole biological reason of menstruation to them. Read it here.

Coming back to the sleazy video topic.

It's exam time and I did not want to raise this topic with my boys as of now so the best was to block these videos and sites that have any adult content.

So after a lot of searching of various apps and blockers, my husband came up with K9 Web Protection. It's got a simple download button after a quick form that asks you your email address.

The link had the licence sent  in your email takes you back to the website where you have the two options to download for Windows or Apple computers. 

Click and download the k9-webprotection.exe

After you use the licence key, you are prompted to enter admin password twice. 

That's about it.

After installing it, we did a thorough test on google and yahoo search engines to see if any porn site pops up. Nothing did. 🙂

Then we tried to manually type a few porn sites and there also the software would not show anything. 

What a relief!

Now I am looking to block on their sim less  IPhones and Ipads too.

Very glad to read this news that government is going to ban uncut scenes from Youtube.

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