How I use my body to communicate powerfully

By Madhurie Singh, March 06, 2015

I have to talk every second day to a new audience. Sometimes a group of people and sometimes a large number. Fortunately I have never gotten cold feet on the stage or podium ever. Yet, I always mind a few body language tips always. These were shared by one of the teachers when I was in class 5 and was selected for an inter school debate.Then over the period of time, I have gathered many more tips from Stanford university and practiced them consciously. 

So here I will share a few of them:

I warm up by saying a tongue twister just before the talk: It keeps me in the moment and not worry about anything else

1. How to mind my body position 

a) Towards the audience

b) Standing with hands on the sides, hanging in control

c) Hands not on the hips / pockets / hiding the family pride / crossed 

d) Never scratching any internal / external organ

e) Never crushing fingers

2. How to handle my hands

a) Use gestures a lot to explain, people remember more

b) Use the "Giving Hand" gesture for explaining "Facts" or giving "Options"

c) Use the "Show Hand" gesture when explaining how you or audience "Feel" for the subject

d) Use the "Chop Hand" gesture when giving stronger message

e) Never use fingers at audience

f) Always use palm up

g) Never close arms to your sides

3. Notice the audience

a) engaged, fidgeting, bored, nodding 

Use a sudden question to keep my audience to keep them awake 


Source: Stanford university :


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