How Lord Hanuman helps you stay calm keeping Fasts! - Superstitions Series

By Madhurie Singh, April 18, 2012

Have you been told that keep fast on Saturdays to control your anger?

Keeping Fasts on days when you feel aggressive is a known thing, but not many know that the religious bent given to it was only to calm down body and mind functions of those who were aggressive on particular days of the week only.

All of you have been through those days when you become most active and days when you are most lazy or most aggressive. The reason is body cycle which is never the same and like a calendar will show same symptoms every month.

In case you are observant you will be able to identify those days and then take care of them.

How the fasts help aggression is very scientific and our ancestors made full use of all the scientific knowledge they had. But the solution was not easily acceptable by the masses as one to one explanation, time factor and distance obviously did not help spread any information easily.

Remember, no TV, no Radio and no internet :).

As usual they reached out to the most trusted and powerful mode of communication, i.e. the priests.

They were sought out and explained the “why”, “what” and “how” of the ways to handle aggression, anger and any such non social behavior in the society. The “when” was left to the priests to diagnose.

So how did the priests help the society?

Let’s say Mr.  X was becoming an uncontrollable violent man, picking up fights with the neighbors every week without fail. Let us not get into the details of the cause for his violent outbursts and sticking to the reaction and action only.

The priest has the responsibility to use his abilities to gather information from the family, victims and society grape vine about the days when this man picked up fights in the past.

He obviously being a learned pundit, analyzed the information and discovered every Tuesday and Saturdays, Mr. X turned into angry young man!

Now, he had to use the lesson taught to him by the gurus as ingenuously as possible.

So he calls for Mr. X and his family members. He tells them that Lord Hanuman is very upset with Mr. X because of his past karma. And that is why Mr. X keeps picking up fights with others, who then beat him up. So Mr. X needs to please the God. He must keep fasts on Tuesdays and Saturdays. He must not eat any salty food. He must also avoid any rice, wheat or any such grain food items. All he can eat are fruits and milk. He must chant Hanuman Chaalisa in the morning. He must think of God and make sure his fast went through the day without any mishap.  Only at night, after doing his evening pooja to the God Hanuman, can this Mr.X eat grains and salt.

And to everyone’s pleasant surprise, the violent Mr. X turned into a pious man! He stopped fighting totally. Lord Hanuman showered his blessings on this young angry man and transformed him into the calm and pleasant gentleman!

So what happened there? DO you think Lord Hanuman has the time to come and transform a common man from his violent behavior when there are many more rouges who really need to be hit by HIS Gadaa on their heads!

Well, lets do step by step analysis.

Information 1 . Priest finds out that every Tuesday and Saturdays the man loses his top !

Plan  1: Devise plans to calm him on these two days.

Information 2. The man and his family believe in God Hanuman. (It could be any God, depending on the family belief)

Plan 2:  Link them to Lord Hanuman and ask the man to offer pooja on the above mentioned days.

Effect 1. Doing pooja, automatically transforms the man to not use bad words, pick fights or give in to his anger at least for that particular day.

So consciously he is trying whole day to keep himself away from anything which will make loose his control.

Effect 2. The man is eating only fruits and milk and no salt throughout the day.

Fruits have barely enough to keep him going through the daily chores. His carbohydrate, fats, oils and protein removed from the diet does not provide him any energy to pick fights even when he loses his self control. The absence of salt also keeps his body pretty weak. No salt so water retention is less. Body is again weak due to lack to water needed to maintain a body balance.  By the end of the day he has barely managed to do his work and come back home safely without falling unconscious.  Now this poor man has still got to do the evening pooja after bath to sit for the salt less dinner !

Would you have the energy or the urge to pick fights if you were in his place?

Now you know what to do if you know someone who is violent or loses control! 🙂

Just remember you need to find out what makes this person tick. 90% people do not think twice when it comes to their faith in Gods and religion.

Do you want to lose weight easily. Start keeping half day fast connecting it to a God daily and see how your fat demon leaves you!

But remember and I repeat REMEMBER,  that the religious reason was used ONLY as the vehicle to ride onto your destination. 

These were tools to reach out to the masses who could not be explained the nitty gritty of psychology, action, reaction, salt, carbohydrate, body balance etc etc. But I am sure you are not part of that mass and use your logic to assess every such past traditions passed on to you. And surely you will not pass on any belief without fully explaining the “why”, “what” and “hows” to your children. 

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