How my kids stopped cribbing about brown bread sides

By Madhurie Singh, September 08, 2016

Yesterday my son complained to me.
“Mom, why don’t you chop off the sides of the sandwich? All my friends bring sandwiches that are neatly cut.”

I am not in favor or wasting any good food. It’s criminal to waste even a single grain.

So out of the blue I said,” You are being racist!”

He was quite confused. What has a bread sandwich go to do with racism?

Without really pre thinking, I started to frame the reasons and replied to him,
“The entire bread is made from the same dough. Which was white in color. Then it was baked in the same oven. The outer layer got brown as it had direct contact with the heat. The inside of the dough also got cooked, but by the heat that is transferred from the outer layer. So the inside remains white while the outer layer turned darker.
So after the baking is over and the bread is sliced, it will have slices with the outer sides brown in color. But what is its fault? It has the same ingredients and went through the same baking process. Why should it be chopped off? Is it only because its brown? We are brown too. So you are differentiating between brown and white! Does that not make you a racisit?” You are going against your own race!

I know I went tangential in the explaination but it was so effective that my sons do not ask me chop the sides of the bread anymore.

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