How my sons prepare for their exams stress free

By Madhurie Singh, October 06, 2016

Yes, you heard it right. My sons half yearly exams are going on. Last night both came home at 10:30pm after enjoying dandiya and dinner. My younger son who is in class 6, was playing games the entire day. My older one had misplaced his text book!
Yet, they did well when I asked them a few questions randomly.

This is no magic. Its the simple thing that everyone must get into the habit of doing. Reverse planning.

My sons started studying exactly one month in advance.
This is where I help them.

1. The first exam is kepts 4 days before the exam starts.
2. Depending on the portion and difficulty level, the chapters are divided into 2 to 4 days.
3. The second subject paper becomes their second last one to be prepared.
4. We go on till we are exactly on today’s date. Date when you will not start studying but only plan the chart.
5. I try to keep Math first, so that I get time to assess their understanding and have enough time to teach if needed.
6. Anything that has to be memorized, is planned in the beginning of the chart dates. Like Meanings, one word for many, paryayvachi etc.
7. Difficult subject or difficult topics we plan in the start of the chart as they need more time to understand. Easy topics are left for last two weeks.
8. All the planning ensures that my sons and I know the entire portion.
9. They also know that after completing the portion for the day, they can do anything.
10. The daily chart and the act of ticking off of each topic gives them pleasure and peace of completion.
11. We reschedule in case the subject needs more time.
12. I ensure they follow the chart by checking with them each night.

This is for class 6.
How to prepare for exams free

So psychologically they are never afraid of exam or any subject, because

We tackle the difficult and lengthy topics first. Life is stress free.

Eat the bigger frog first!

One good way to lead a stress free life is to plan.
Another good way to live stress free is by questioning myself. If I meet with an accident today, how important this thing is in my life? Is it worth any stress?

Try these steps and share how you participate in your children’s exam preparation time to be stress free.

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