How to apply for domicile certificate for Maharashtra

By Madhurie Singh, October 13, 2023

Good news for the parents and people who wish to apply for the domicile certificate for Maharashtra state.

Most of the things will be online. Though this is the claim by the state officials, I have found that even after submitting everything online or offline, you will have to pay under the table based on the place of birth of the child and parents.

Rs 5000/- is to be paid for those kids who are born in the Maharashtra State. Those born out of state will have to pay between 10 to 20 thousand unofficially. @Narendra Modi ji dekh rahe ho na aap 🙁

Maharashtra State Domicile Steps image
Maharashtra State Domicile Steps

Documents required:

Proof of Identity (Any -1)

Proof of Address (Any -1)

Other Documents (Any -1)

Age Proof (In Case of Minor) (Any -1)

Residence Proof (Any -1) This is a bit tricky.

Apply Resident Certificate

I went to the MSEB office and from there got a letter stating that my son who lives in the house address since so many years as Residence proof. MSEB did not take any money, thankfully.

Mandatory Documents(All Mandatory)

  • 2) Address Proof

Click this link to apply online for your Domicile certificate.

Residence Proof (Any -1) 1) Residence Proof by Talathi2) Residence Proof by Gram Sevak3) Residence Proof by Bill Collector./ How and there to optiain this certificates

Hi Ravi, You need to goto the local PMC ward office. They will guide you. Take Residence proof from MSEB office of your area.

i want to get domicile certificate

Hi, Could you please elaborate on the resident certificate, as to how one can apply online or offline in any of the cases as mentioned. Thanks.

Hello, I am applying for Domicile online and need one of these 1.Residence proof by Talathi 2.Residence proof by Gram Sevak 3.Residence proof by Bill Collector for Residence proof Can you explain what they really mean? Thank you.


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