How to build immunity the easiest way?

By Madhurie Singh, January 21, 2016

Yesterday when my technical teammate told me her son was unwell and has very frequent cold, I was reminded of my days. Small babies are extremely prone to falling sick between the age of 1 to 5 yrs as their immunity is still building up. 

There are more than 600 types of cold viruses so it's but natural to fall ill. Especially when the children are part of day cares or preschools. 

How can you help build the immunity of your baby?

No lecture just a few points

1. Try to cook food and cover with a lid always. When the food is half done, open the lid and tilt the lid onto a small bowl, vaati or katori. Ensure that the bowl was washed and microwaved. Even one teaspoon of the condensed liquid is full of minerals and vitamins. Pour it down your child's mouth when its cool down.

2. Make this magic soup that builds immunity super sure. Boil palak, carrots, potatos, tomatoes, lauki, garlic, ginger, cinnamon, laung, elaichi, cardamom, methi seeds, kali mirchi, haldi and salt. You may add chicken too. Slow cook with lid for 15-20 minutes.  There you have the soup to bring an 80 year old to jump off the bed (just don't let them!).

3. If you know the power of lemon juice, then I am hoping you are not adding the juice into the food when its getting cooked. You will kill the vit C. Never add lemon juice and let the food boil. The right way to add lemon juice is by waiting for the food to be cooked. Now add the lemon juice and cover it again. If you really want to add it for only the taste, then you might as well add citric acid to give it that khatta taste. But then do not imagine to be giving any vit C to your kids. (For your information Lemon juice has two parts, Vit C + Citric Acid). And did you that it's peel has more Vit C than the juice!

Enough for tonight. It's 1 am and I need my beauty sleep.


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