How to find the articles that are important and must ? FAQ

By Madhurie Singh, January 21, 2014

Dear Parents, Everything that is important for you to read or know is either written already by me or by someone else.

It may seem like a humongous task to find the article that you want to read.

So there are a few simple tips that you must follow:

It will take you a few days to read my articles one by one, they are worth it.

  • Go to the Homepage and see each and every corner of the homepage
  • Read the Important Articles  and read all the articles under this category
  • The next page to read through is to know the Area-wise schools in Pune
  • If you want to know the schools that fall under a Fee bracket click the page Schools based on the fee
  • Click  Board wise school Page to know the schools under each board in Pune
  • Next, read the Pune School Information page, that has several articles related to Pune schools
  • Now you should read the School Reviews
  • I write every week something that is very important for the parents in India, that is under Latest Articles
  • There are many articles that have School Stories that you must read to know about schools
  • I am always trying to teach my kids using easy and fun ways that you can read here under Teaching in Fun Ways
  • There are many products and places that I have reviewed for the benefit of your children that is under the category Reviews
  • If you want to contact me, Click This Contact Form. This is a blog run by one person, so do not expect 24×7 assistance in the form of phone, chat, help center etc. 
  • If you still do not find, trying searching it. Go to the top of the page and see a  Search Bar that is powered by Google on every page. Type the word you are searching for and you find all the articles that contain the word you are looking for.

A request. When you fill the form to contact me, make sure the email id is not spammish! If it has crazy numbers or wacko words, you will not get any reply from me. Some of the examples of the emails i avoid responding to are [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]… 🙂

Hello Madhurie, Why the school list per location does not cover Kothrud area? ANy specific reason? Thanks

I was looking for few answers - I could not easily locate . 1 ) What is difference between CBSE/ICSE vs. State vs. IB patterns. How that influences future education of child. I could not find credible , nice answers. If there is material available, I am ready to sit-in, read, summarize and prepare a nice post on this. 2) I was looking for reviews of Sadhu Vaswani mission's international school , that has come up in PCMC area - (Moshi) - which has a HQ branch in main city . I was looking for reviews/comments, but could not find any neither on new Moshi school nor on old school in Pune city. Thanks.

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