How to keep kids busy in this hot summer of 2013?

By Madhurie Singh, May 01, 2013

Is it me or you too feel that not only has the summer started earlier than usual, it’s hotter by 5 degrees than last year!

I do not like the heat waves at all! Poor kids are sitting in one room since morning after a failed stint of cycling in the morning.

Evenings they go to swimming and thankfully happily.

But morning to evening is a sad time for them to be in the house!

My kids now have started to do 3-4 things regularly when at home and not able to go out.

They play a lot of virtual games on WII or TV,  laptop or Tab.

So that takes care of 2-3 hours with in between fights and shouts.

If the fighting starts, they cannot continue that particular game as a rule. So then for a while my two sons act like enemies living in one house. So they pick up toys that the other one also would suddenly want to play with.

In case they do agree, which does happen at times, then it’s a happy time for all of us.

In case the fights continue then they have to read books. Somehow reading books in this summer is not happening. Yet as a rule they have to read only 5 pages before they are allowed to chuck the book. But most of the times, 5 pages turn to be 20 or more. So this trick does work all the time.

Since they have done their Art camp, Basketball Camp , their interest is now in not doing any camp as of now.

May be a science or something similar will be the thing to enroll now.

A friend suggested a camp or a course where emotional quotient is coached. I really do not mind exploring that area, as we all know how important it is for the success of an individual.

TV and cartoons are a big savior in this heat wave of 2013.

Chess, Life, Monopoly, Scrabble and other board games at times are also of great time pass for them provided it’s peaceful.

My one son is designing gadgets all the time. This summer he has turned into a weaponologist. So all sorts of weapons are being constructed at home. Then the obvious question was asked by him. “Mom, what do I learn to become a weaponologist?”

So if you can help me I would love to read your suggestions to keep my kids busy.

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