How to make a time table for study 8th grade to 12th grade

By Madhurie Singh, June 16, 2018

How to make a good timetable so that you can study or finish your portions effectively on time.
Point to note is that I gave options to my son to choose subjects with hints. Also, there are two methods of making a timetable. The most common one is going by hours. The other is, going by topics.
I am sure you all know Time based timetable.
It will look something like this:
3:30 Eat Lunch after school
4-5   Finish HomeWork/ History/ Geography
5-6   10 Math Problems
6-8 Play for two hours outdoor
8-9  Read Phy/ Chem/ Bio
9-9:30 Dinner and TV
9:30 – 10 Eng / Hindi/ Language
10:00 Apps or tabs or games
10:30 Sleep
Sharing topic-table not timetable.
Before sleeping these must be finished.
1. 10 QUESTIONS of Math
2. Homework/ History/ Geo … one chapter/ one event/ one map/ 10 pages
3. Phy/ Chem/ Bio …. one chapter/ one concept/ one diagram / 5 QUESTIONS / 5 pages
4. Eng / Hindi/ Language … Read 15 pages / Write one para / One essay / one story
There are options that must be followed based on the child, ability to grasp and needs. Tweak accordingly.
In 8th std suppose the child takes 3 hours to complete daily tasks,
In 9th std, increase the time to 3.5 hours
In 10th std, increase the time to 4 hours
In 11th std, increase the time for 4.5 hours
In 12th std, increase the time for 5 hours

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