Buy these food items to lose weight fast

By Madhurie Singh, December 26, 2016

Indian thali Madhurie Singh

Fast and furious way to make your child lose weight. Now this does not mean, adults can not eat them. In fact, the entire family should be eating these together.

Buy these food items to lose weight fast.

  1. Sprouts for daily one meal (no soybeans)
  2. Eggs, Oily Fish, Chicken
  3. Paneer made from cow’ milk or homemade
  4. Red poha
  5. Idli powder made of jowar and urad daal
  6. Dosa powder made of jowar, urad and chana
  7. Peanuts and almonds
  8. Cold pressed Coconut oil, Cold pressed Mustard oil or Patanjali, Peanut oil, Til Oil
  9. Amul Ghee or home made cow’s ghee
  10. Amul Cheese slices or cubes and a tin to grate
  11. Amul Butter or home made cow’s butter
  12. Barley grains
  13. Jowar grains
  14. Atta of jowar, bajra, barley, chana, whole wheat
  15. Chana daal, toor, moong, urad and masoor daal
  16. Brown chana, Rajma and peas
  17. Cruciferous vegetables everyday once. Cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli
  18. Bitter vegetables alternate days once. Karela, kheska
  19. Lauki, Tori once every alternate days
  20. Mushroom packs Shitake and Mitake if possible
  21. Potato, Onions, Tomatoes
  22. Palak everyday once in any form. Salad, blanched, sauteed, cooked
  23. Carrots and Raddish in salad with capsicum, cucumbers, tomatoes and spring onion every day
  24. Fresh Garlic and ginger, Green Chilli. No paste
  25. Sirka (Vingear non synthetic dark color), soy sauce
  26. Cow’s milk Curd for each meal Amul or home made
  27. Buy amla, lemons, pudina and coriander greens
  28. Aged pickles and Urad daal papad
  29. Sea Salt, Black Salt, Rock Salt, Iodised salt
  30. All Garam Masalas
  31. Green tea
  32. Honey
  33. Calcium citrate (if not available then Calcium Carbonate), Vit D3, Magnesium, Vit C, Vit B12, Vit A for one month (Surprise reason to gain fat)
  34. One bottle cod liver oil for one month
  35. Flaxseeds, Black and White Til seeds, puffed rice
  36. Dark Jaggery
  37. Cocoa powder, Dark Chocolate, balink powder, baking soda
  38. May add items so save this link.

How to eat these and when to eat will be in the next few post. You must have all these items ready at least for a week. A few products you will have to stock for a month as they are sold in large quantities only.

(*Amul brand is used as this is the only pure as of now in the dairy line that I have used. My uncle has worked with NDDB and Amul and has always mentioned that this is the purest brand amongst all. Patanjali products are new. I have used Mustard oil, Honey and a few hand washes. All are really good and worth mentioning. I am not paid to write their name, though if Amul or Patanjali are reading and want to pay, bring them on ;))

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