How to maximise your savings and increase your passive earning

By Madhurie Singh, September 29, 2016

A lot of mothers who used to work and have taken a break or quit working have been writing to me a lot of how to start earning. So a couple of important instructions/ advice to you all.

Parallel to your job, start something in your free time. Trust me, you have atleast 2-3 hours of free hour that you can use to convert your hobby into passive income source.

Parents, do not quit your job unless you start earning enough or more than what your 9-5 job earns. 

When you work from home you save a lot of money. So its important to earn but it’s also important to know, how are you able to save at the end of the month or year.

Minimum Direct Saving = Rs 37000* (* approximate )

  • Petrol/ Transport  charges/ Driver’s Salary = Rs 10000
  • Day care / Full time nanny = Rs 10000
  • Canteen food  = Rs 2000
  • Cooks salary = Rs 4000
  • Tuition Teacher = Rs 6000
  • New clothes / Jewellery / Makeup = Rs 5000

Indirect Saving: 56 hours / month* (* approximate )

  • The travel time of 2 hours minimum per day saving is 40 hours per month that can be used for a hobby or teaching kids
  • Time on dropping and picking to and from daycare is 10 hours per month
  • Shopping time saved from going for office wears, makeup, footwear, bags is 6 hours per month

Whatever you are earning from your Work from home gig, add Rs 37000 expenses to it.

Hence, if you are earning Rs 10000, you are actually earning Rs 47000/- as all the expenses are gone.

Start to cut expenses that are useless: Rs 84000/ year = Rs 7000 / month* (* approximate)

  • Switching to more economical cell phone service provider can save Rs 6000/ year
  • Switching to more economical internet service provider can save Rs 6000/ year
  • Switching to more economical cable service provider can save Rs 1000/ year
  • Switching off TV that runs in the background all the time can save Rs 1000/ year
  • Buying non perishable food items in bulk can save Rs / year 12000 / year
  • Buy perishables not in bulk as you need on a daily to bi-weekly basis can save Rs  6000 / year
  • Teaching kids your self instead of tuition can save Rs 40000 / year
  • Cutting movies once per month can save Rs 12000 / year
  • Instead of buying rent things

Now don’t just sit on the Rs 7000 savings, but invest on:

  • Start an SIP of all that you save each month = Rs 14 Lakh after 10 years
  • Start buying gifts in advance during heavy sale season
  • Buy holiday packs 6 months in advance
  • Buy Gold coins monthly worth Rs 7000
  • Buy Silver coins monthly worth Rs 7000

Other passive ways to earn:

  • Convert hobby into business from home
  • Share your knowledge via,, blogs
  • Share your technical knowledge via
  • Share your apartment room via,,
  • Share your vehicle with or without you,
  • Share your apartment for pets
  • Share your parking (an app needs to be built, where people who leave for work can rent their parking)
  • Share your stuff (rent)
  • Share you knowledge of your city as a guide on

These are over an above your regular active income source.

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Parents, if you have any passive source of income that you want mention here, do post in the comments.

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