How To React To Low Marks or A Failed Result ?

By Madhurie Singh, June 16, 2014

Parents, Expected your child to pass but he/she did not get good marks or worse failed?

If you are an insensitive parent, this is how you should react:

  1. Start calling you child words like failure, idiot, loser, duffer


  1. Make it worse, by labeling them for life by saying one of these
    1. “You can never pass in your life!”
    2. “You should stop studying and start gardening!”
    3. “You are a curse to our family name!”


  1. Show your immaturity and
    1. Stop talking to your child!
    2. Snatch away his mobile, laptop and tab usage!
    3. Stop his play time and friend time!
    4. Declare to stop his pocket money!


  1. Result you should expect very soon in your child thanks to your own behavior:
    1.  A permanent disrespect for you
    2. Sadness in your child that no one understand him/her
    3. Deep anger against you and all the family members making him/her vulnerable to getting into wrong company
    4. Become depressed silently and invite many health problems
    5. The worst of all, take drastic steps like leaving the house or committing suicide


If you are a caring parent, this is how you will react:

1. You will use words like

  • Its Ok, work harder next time, I will support you!
  • Don’t worry; we are with you always, because we are family!
  • Failure is the best teacher; you know one more way not to repeat!
  • You did your best, so start all over again!
  • You fail only when you give up!

2. You will take your family along with your child to eat out to make him/her feel no guilt or sadness.

3. You will discuss with your child, the lessons learnt and never give up

4. You will assess the entire study process and material to make him/her understand what went wrong and how it can be avoided in future

5. You will not stop any pocket money, TV time, talk time or play time but spend more time with your child and talk as much possible to take out the sadness, guilt, fear and anger from the minds of your child.


Your child will:

  1. Love you forever for having trust in him/her
  2. Get back to studies and life with more confidence and enthusiasm
  3. Your child will work harder with no baggage on his min
  4. You will have a child who will respect you being understanding and caring


So choose your own reactions and shape the future life of your child, after-all you are the mature, sensitive, caring and experienced adult who has also failed sometime in the past.

parents react to low marks


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