How to Remember and Recall better for students ?

By Madhurie Singh, June 16, 2018

Keep it small and simple. Don’t try to make them Einstein in one day. If the child has read a chapter today, tomorrow make him revise by writing spellings or question answer. If Physics concept is read today, tomorrow ask what and where it is used or do practical problems on the same topic. Whatever the child learns, learn it so well that you don’t need to sit and read again.

Before you start read this : How to make a time table for study 8th to 12th grade

Phase 1 – Learning

  1. Underline all the difficult or new words
  2. Find their meaning and learn them
  3. Quiz on these words
  4. Read the questions at the back of the chapter before reading the chapter

Phase 2 – Reading

  1. Read or browse the chapter quickly in one go without trying to understand
  2. Read again slowly again
  3. Write down important points in a new Notebook in bullet points or one line for one para.

Phase 3 – Recalling

  1. Next day, before starting the new chapter, read the points written down in the Notebook, not from the textbook.
  2. Close the book and try to Recall all the points sequentially
  3. You must repeat this revision and recall after one week.
  4. You can again revise and recall one month before the exam the same Notebook points.

If you have better tips or any other method that helped you, do share them here.

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