How to Study from 8th -12th Grade to understand & score most marks?

By Madhurie Singh, June 11, 2018

  1. Trust one teacher and Follow only one teacher for one subject.
  2. One institute material is enough, so don’t buy too many books
  3. Follow one topic only from one book
  4. Focus on Theory also
  5. Study each topic thoroughly each line, each question, each para, in between the lines, each chapter is better than studying too many books and too many chapters.
  6. Daily Targets of two subject topics.
  7. Make a timetable for completion of a topic than a number of hours.
  8. Keep increasing the target slowly
  9. Sleep 6-8 hours daily in one shot
  10. Take a power nap of 15 – 30 min when you take a break
  11. Planning is important. So plan the field where the child will do the best and be happy too.
  12. Plan the career path in the chosen field
  13. Once the field is chosen, start to shortlist the best colleges. You want the child to aim for the best always yet plan for the second best colleges too. Don’t keep these to Ram Bharose… No, he is not some career consultant but our beloved Indian God. He too planned everything.
  14. Check what exams will happen when and plan to complete the portions way before so that multiple revisions can be done. Paste the list of exams on the wall.
  15. Many exams have overlapping topics. Prepare for qualifying exams and advanced exams accordingly. for eg, If the objective is IIT, then JEE Main is qualifying, but JEE Advanced should be your focus. But for many other careers where JEE Mains result is used, focus on JEE Mains.
  16. NCERT books for JEE is important, so prepare for from these mostly for boards and JEE Mains. JEE Mains is dependent on practice. The more your practice easy questions, you get good marks in JEE Mains. But in JEE Advanced the understanding of few topics should be thorough and so great should be the understanding that any question under the sun you should be able to solve. So you might have to pick a few topics than trying to cover entire syllabus in terms of getting that kind of in-depth understanding in JEE Advanced preparation. JEE Main till September end you must be done. From Oct – Dec start preparing only for JEE Advanced.
  17. NEET is more about how vast is your knowledge and memory in NCERT plus external topics. The more you read, repeat and repeat, the better is your chance of clearing NEET.
  18. Follow these five points to succeed;                                                                  काक चेष्टा, बको ध्यानं, स्वान निद्रा तथैव च।
    अल्पहारी, गृहत्यागी, विद्यार्थी पंच लक्षणं॥                                                                       काक चेष्टा = Efforts Should Be Similar to a Crow,
    बको ध्यानं = Focus on the Work like a Crane,
    स्वान निद्रा = Take Alert Naps (Sleep) Similar to That of a Dog
    अल्पहारी = One Should Eat a Bit Less and as Far as Possible,                   गृहत्यागी = Stay Away from the Sweet Home!
  19. Practice Practice Practice                                                                                                      8th class = Practice each day 100 questions in total combined all subjects.  Per subject finish 10 questions.

9th class = Practice each day 120 questions in total combined all subjects.  Per subject finish 12 questions.

10th class = Practice each day 150 questions in total combined all subjects.  Per subject finish 15 questions.

11th class = Practice each day 150 questions in total combined all five subjects.  Per subject finish 30 questions.

12th class = Practice each day 150 questions in total combined all five subjects.  Per subject finish 30 questions.

20. Failure is a sign of something not understood properly.

Dear Madhurie Singh, I am regular reader of your blogs since my first child was in 1st standard and now he is growing to 6th this year. I want to prepare him for RIMC and need your help to find suitable classes around the Kondhawa area or in Pune. I hope you will have something for me in your kitty. Thanks, Asiya


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