How to teach values to your children

By Madhurie Singh, January 25, 2019

We all want our kids to have moral values yet somehow it’s the most difficult to inculcate.
Mostly kids will observe parents and imbibe their parents actions. So whatever are the intentions behind your actions, kids only see the act. As parents we have to explain the intent to them so that kids know the real reason behind your actions.
My son seemed to be very compassionate when he was young. Of late in the teens I felt slight decrease in the compassion for others.
Obviously the time spent with me now, incomparison to the past had also reduced. Teens have their own friends who become their world for 4 to 5 years. (A hormone during teenage is the culprit which takes 4 to 5 yrs to be overpowered by another good hormone. It’s a normal process.) During this period, teaching values and morality is quite a task as teenagers don’t seem to pay attention.

Yet, it was a concern that was disturbing me. Should I let him be and wait for the teen phase to get over or should I intervene now, indirectly.

Then I got the opportunity on his birthday. He wanted a mobile phone. I gave it with a couple of strict tasks that he has to follow everyday.
Gave him a set of stories with moral values. (Did not buy any moral science book as the title would have given away my intention.) He had to memorize, write and then discuss the story with me everyday. Only after that the phone would be handed back each day. He was too eager to have the phone and quickly agreed to my rules. 😉

Everyday after school he has to take a story from me, memorise it, write it down and then discuss it with me.

It’s been only two months since we started this task. His teacher who used to constantly call about his naughtiness was full of praises. She said, “Mrs Singh, your son has changed! We are thinking of suggesting his name for school representatives!”

I know now that my activity and its desired result is validated. I also know that it should continue as long as possible for many other habits that need to be inculcated. That’s the power of reading, memorizing, discussing. They change the thoughts and inturn the actions.

Parents who are worried that their  children lack compassion or any other desires values can contact me via comments below.

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