HSC Maharashtra 2014 Model Answers and Marking Scheme

By Madhurie Singh, June 23, 2014

Dear Parents

Please find below the link to the model answers for 2014 HSC board examinations, that were obtained by Mr Vivek Velankar through RTI.  And below is his note. Please spread the above links through your networks as it could be very helpful for new 12th standard students who have to buy different study guides who claim to know the best way to success solely because of HSC board’s confidentiality argument.
Also I will appreciate, if you notify me or the local police,  immediately, in case you find anyone selling these paper.
12 TH Science model answers of PCMB for the exam conducted by HSC Board in March 2014.HSC board has been denying model answers of 12 th standard exam papers to students for last three decades under the pretext of “confidentiality”. Last year I used Right to information act 2005 to get these model answers ; but was denied ; then I put my first appeal against it. During hearing of the appeal I convinced board secretary that under right to information act model answers can not be treated as confidential once the results are out. Finally last year board gave me copies of model answers of subjects PCMB . None of my relations needed it ; I just wanted to establish the fact that model answers are no more confidential. This year on 31 st May 2014 I requested HSC board to proactively publish the model answers of all subjects on the result day of 10 th and 12 th on board website. Unfortunately board is not ready to proactively do so. Finally I applied once again under right to information act demanding model answers of 12 th Physics ; Chemistry ; Mathematics and biology. I received copies of them under RTI three days ago. I once again requested board to publish the model answers on it’s own on board website. As there is no response from board I am publishing the copies of model answers of 12 th board exam conducted in March 2014 for subjects Physics ; Chemistry ; Mathematics and biology ; which I received from board under right to information act 2005. I would like to mention that these model answers have huge commercial value as every student entering 12 th standard this year would like to know these for his benefit. ; I could have earned lakhs of rupees if I would have printed a book of this. But being a responsible RTI user I did not do this ; instead put it in public domain so will be available absolutely free of cost to every interested student and nobody else will be able to commercially exploit this information. Why I am saying so is not to show how self less I am but just want to counter the allegations that RTI is misused for personal gains.RegardsVivek velankar President – sajag nagrik manch.

CLICK THE LINKS TO DOWNLOAD THE ZIP FILES OF MODEL ANSWER PAPERS 1. Botany-Biology page2 HSC Maharashtra 2014 exam answer paper 2. Chemistry page1 HSC Maharashtra 2014 exam answer paper 3. Maths- Statistics page1 HSC Maharashtra 2014 exam answer paper 4. Physics page2 HSC Maharashtra 2014 exam answer paper 5. Zoology-Biology page1 HSC Maharashtra 2014 exam answer paper

Source: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.468196736657494.1073741825.465277870282714&type=1


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That's indeed selfless and appreciating Ma'am.The model answers are very helpful to the students. the students appearing for hsc boards exam by 2017 needs intense practice for it. these{model answers}would be more helpful if they include model answers of 3 to 4 years back{i mean of 2016 2015 2013}.so Ma'am i request you for the same .please upload as soon as possible as they would be of immense importance for our students. thank you

Dear Sudarshan, I do not have model answers of previous years. Unfortunately, I had saved links which no longer work.


Nice article.

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