I don't want to be Yumdoot of schools

By Madhurie Singh, June 20, 2015

Yup, you heard it right! I am no longer interested in being the Yumdoot of the schools and playschools in India.

Yes, I have now the kind of power with reviews I write that can snuff out life out of a school by the reviews I write. But with power comes great responsibility!

A lot of you have been asking me to write more reviews. Now that is why you are reading less reviews written by me. Knowing that when my reviews reach out to lakhs of parents in one shot and then has a dominoes effect ever after the review is spread thanks to Google baba, I am now forced to be cautious to the T. I don't want to be known as the Yumdoot of schools.

Yes, I am blunt and write only black and white reviews. Yes, money is not a motivating factor for me. And yes, I was born fearless and hence I write what is right. But now I am not going to point fingers at the schools and playschools.

I will hand over the reasons too. With SchoolKhojo.in launched in the BETA stage, I can already see the positive effect it is creating.

The aim of SchoolKhojo is to be the nurturer like Vishnu to all the schools in India.

In my opinion, schools do not get the opportunity all the time to hear the right feedback that will help them constructively change the ways of working.

Parents mostly discuss on forums, Facebook groups and Whatsapp groups about the problems they face. But, these problems never reach the right ears. People who have the authority to do something about these problems come to know when a lot of damage is already done to the schools and parents. Then both sides start to engage into bitter blame game or damage control which is mostly face saving act.

Will it not be better, if there was a way to submit all your problems and woes without mentioning your name!

Yes, I understand, as a parents, you will have this thought (fear) in your mind, that the school management or teacher might try to be vindictive and react negatively against your child if you complained to the school.

What if there was a way to ensure that you could rate and give feedback of a school on individual factors that matter to you!

What if the schools had the opportunity to work on these complaints and ensure that these problems were taken care of!

What if after you were satisfied with the corrective action by the school, you had the opportunity to re rate the school to be fair to the school!

All these are not What ifs any more. SchoolKhojo.in is being built to ensure all these what ifs are actually existing in a system and can be implemented too.

What is the main objective of SchoolKhojo? Or let me ask you. What is the main objective of you sending your child to a school?

Yes, you want your child to be educated in an environment that allows creative thinking with understanding of concepts easily.

A school where the teachers are happy teaching their students.

A school where the curriculum is relevant to the current and future needs.

A school where the infrastructure is safe, hygienic and fun that attracts children.

A school which is a true learning place for your darling child.

I am sure you do not want to only point fingers at teachers and staff. You definitely do not want to see the school shutting down!

So why not help the school in helping your child and you. Help the school by joining SchoolKhojo.in as a parent. Rate and write reviews.

If you are a mom and would like to be part of SchoolKhojo's team of brilliant Brand Ambassador you are most welcome! I would love to  see you join me as a reviewer of the schools and playschools where your children are studying.

So what is the benefit of you reviewing the school of your child? Firstly, you become the queen of the school 🙂 and suddenly have the responsibility to improvise the school.

You will have the opportunity to change all those things that you were facing and no one was paying any attention to your problems with respect to your child's school.

Isn't that what you want. To be heard and change the problems faced by you or your child in the school? If you have the intention to change it, click here and fill the form. I will connect with you and take it up from there.

Remember, our aim is to improve the schools where your child is going to spend hours and hours everyday for many years to come. If one click can bring that smile why not? Click here.

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