Is there a parallel universe?

By Madhurie Singh, March 24, 2013

Sometimes waiting for a simple mundane activity to finish can lead to profound ideas and thoughts.

Just like today while I waited for the washing machine to finish the final spin round, I stood there in the dry balcony with no thoughts at all.

My eyes were caught up with the beautiful soap bubble formations in patches moving in the circular motion going into the drain pipe outlet.

There were large clusters of bubbles far away from the hole moving very slowly in the circular motion but surely towards it.

And then there were the slightly smaller patches of bubbles moving relatively faster, in circular motion towards the hole. But there was a difference. The bubble clusters close to the hole, kept on joining onto the other clusters forming denser clusters of bubbles.

And then there were those clusters that went very quickly into the hole!

Suddenly I wondered! Our universe is also moving in the circular motion, everything in it is also moving in the same motion. There are galaxies including our Milky Way, that is definitely going round and round.

Are these so called Black Holes and unexplained portions of the space which seem to gobble up everything, actually a hole in the literal sense?

A hole that is leading to another Universe! Of course when any planet, star, galaxy or anything goes into that hole, there must be extremely high levels of compression happening, crushing all matter together, before passing it off to the next Universe.

So there would be much denser and heavier heavenly bodies below our Universe with much more gravitational force that anything in our universe has experienced.

And if there will ever exist any living being on that second Universe, they will definitely be 1000 times heavier or more than anything comparable on earth.


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