Is your brain dying

By Madhurie Singh, June 11, 2024

Baby bag label
Baby bag label

Is your brain dying?

I did not believe that we have arrived that Dumb Era where an instruction on a baby holding bag’s label specifies that you must remove the baby before washing the bag!
At first it sounds funny. But in reality, it’s a warning. Our brain is dying.
A warning that we have become dumb or over sensitive.

Have we become Dumb?

Dumb to not do the right thing. The right thing may be difficult to assess as we all know our brain looks for the easiest way for our body to do any task. So for the brain and body it is the right thing. But is it really?

Are we becoming over sensitive?

Over sensitive that a company has to be thinking of all stupids who may use their products. Actually feel the pain to even use the word stupid in today’s era. With more and more gadgets and AI taking over, we sure are taking our brains downhill. Brains need to be challenged. May be a 1 percent of the population who are developing or designing these gadgets will hone their brains while the rest will not. Not using the brain will no doubt lead to it’s deterioration for majority population. With that deterioration our dependency on gadgets will increase to an extent that we will be paralysed without them. Then those 1 percent will either take advantage or redesign. I am thinking they will take advantage.What do you think.

Solution for brain deterioration

Solutions are a plenty if we have to challenge our brain cells. There are different ways to challenge the brain for you. But I will share my favorite ways first that I believe works for me.

  • Learning a new language. I started learning Samskrit or Sanskrit language in 2021. In two years I finished the highest level call Kovida Level. Yeah it does sound like covid. And to top the joke, I did this during Covid outbreak. Kovida during Covid. Hahahaha.
  • Learning a game that challenges brain. I used to love the game called Cut the rope where a frog would be jumping over the ropes. There was another game called the Doors. It was a craze in my time. I think I will find few more that will improve my brain cells by challenging them.
  • Currently, after learning Samskrit, I started learning Jyotish, Numerology and Vastu from the original texts written in Samskrit by our great Maharishies. Found so many fake remedies being floated in the market by creating fear in the minds of common public.
  • Writing a book is another great way to challenge the brain. When we write a book, we have to have an expertise in that subject. So we are forced to research and learn more. You have to validate and verify every fact you write. That is a great challenge to the brain. I am writing books on Fake Vastu Remedies Marketed. You will be appalled to read how greed can fleece desperate people.
  • Developing a project which is new and needed can also boost your brain. Like I started Developing an Excel system which will read and suggest Best Names and Phone Numbers based on your Date of Birth and Birth Chart. Since I am using ChatGpt to help me with coding, I am learning how to use ChatGPT prompts. AI gives importance to each word placement and then searches it’s database to find the closest search result. It’s challenging as many times AI makes mistakes and I have to use my brain to decide if I should go ahead with the result or again give a prompt that is more specific to my needs. As of now, making AI do the right thing is the best way to challenge the brain. I may do a new article about how to use ChatGPT effectively.


I guess the best way to challenge your brain and be closer to the 1 percent of the humans who will not become paralysed without any gadgets would be to use AI. Yeah, it’s oxymoronic. But that is how in Bharat we do things as a saying goes, लोहा लोहे को काटता है. That is the only way to prevent our brain from dying.

If you liked the post, do share it with others. Also drop a comment and share your views which I will reply soon. This article was not written by the help of any AI as my continued attempt to write from the bottom of my heart.

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