Kangaroo Kids Pune India

By Madhurie Singh, July 23, 2008

I am writing this as I want every parent who in interested in admitting their child to Kangaroo Kids Pune(kk) at Koregaon Park to know about the facts. I am totally in shock! Today I had to drop my son


to Nehru Memorial hall for the concert practice at 9.00am. My son cried a little as he does not like new and strange places. I was given a card by the management ,saying that without that card I cannot pick up my son. The pick up time was written as 12.30pm. I reach there at 12.25pm.


I am shocked to see my poor son standing all ALONE at the entrance gate of the Hall!!!


I was very upset and angry that a school of this stature where all hoity toitys kids go, has no one to take care and wait with my 2.8 year old son!!!


There were cars whizzing in front as the main door opens right into the main road called Camp area of pune! There were men strolling around, beggars walking past him! Any one cud have taken him away in 5 sec!! I waited there for 5 min which was like ages to see if someone will come. Then a teacher comes out and seeing me standing with him brings his bag. No word or even a thought to the fact that he was all alone.


I asked her why there was nobody with him? And the asnwer was blank, then another teacher comes by, who cooks up an excuse that there must have been miscommunication. I was livid and shaking out of shock and anger and irresponsibilty of the school. I felt betrayed! I was in tears to know that the child I take care and fuss about so much, was standing all alone in the middle of the bussiest part of the city by the same school that I trusted and paid 3000 bucks every month! In that cost I cud keep him a full time educated nanny who wud not only teach him but feed him and care for him.


KK is well known as its Mumbai branches have actors n hifis kids going there. But unfotrunately the pune branch has only cashed on the name. It does not care about the kids. They donot own up their mistake ever. Several times kids are found sitting alone with no one around after school time! A year back my son was bitten by ants at 14 places and the school refused to own up that there were ants in the premises. On the contrary they said that may be in my car I shud check for ants.


Its the most irresponsible school I have ever encountered. They dont have water back up and there were times when the toilet was full of poop. How infectious it is to send ur kid to this kind of unhygenic school. Just last month my son picked up urinary infection from the school.


I am so fed up and today was the last straw. Its been a full day now and neither the principal, owner or even the class teacher has called to find out if my son is ok and how are we doing.


I am still shiverring when I think of wat if someone kidnapped him, or just took him away! World is full of maniacs, wat if someone did something to him? Wat if he started to walk in the main street with the heavy traffic all around him? I just cannot get myself to forget this incident. Anyone who has any query u can email me here . I am taking up this issue with the owner Lina Ashar. If they can pacify me fine, else I will be going to the newspaper and tv channels to let the poor parent be ware of pune branch of kangaroo kids school.


Donot think ur kids are in the safe hands there. Infact if u leave them there, u are at the worst risk of harming ur child.


Please evryone spread the word, about this damn school, b4 u let the silly teachers harm ur kid!!! And donot forget to make comments!


I have taken admission in another school for my son today.


Yesterday was the meeting with the people from KK headoffice mumbai. They were very proffesional and knew wat they were doing. To the extent that they lacked empathy. They first wanted to ’’tackle’’ each parent seperately. I was not interested in 1-1. AS there were all the parents waiting to be heard. We all went in and with the pune mngt in tow. I started to explain all that I had gone thru, the carelessness of the mngt, the coldness from the mngt and all other problems.


While the meeting was nearling end, I thot that since things were accepted by the mngt and were ready to take corrective actions, it was my moral duty to inform them that I have emailed to hundreds of people. So they shud not be surprised if someone gave the mail for print. The moment I said print , they both panicked. Instead of realizing that whenI wrote the mail, by then it was more than 2 days and no one had contacted me from the school. I had out of frustration made it my agenda to write to every one I knew to circulate the mail. As I wanted to create awareness about the incident that had happened and then beware of the school. Then the principal mentioned that there was someone who was found distributing pamphlets against KK. But instead of understanding my condition and frustation, the female rep from KK, indirectly threatens me saying that anyone who maligns the name of KK will have to face their lawyer. Not once but atleast 3 times she repeated that. The male rep had his wits togather and was trying to take care of the situation.


While leaving the female rep mentioned another comment against me. She said that’’ the way Vaundhara who’s son had pushed a bead in his nose, handled the situation very nicely as compared to me’’ . I was again very shocked, but by this time I realised it was no use talking to the mangt reps, for whom one child’s case was important as his mom was very well connected politically than a child who’s mom chose to approach the mangt directly with no backing politically. Also she thot that in the times of crisis like I was facing, I shud have sat down to analyse and strategise how I shud approach the mngt. So now my dear readers, u have to decide if I shud let them go as they threatened me (haha) or I shud now give a go ahead to the 2 reporters who are waiting to go live with the story. In either case I will need ur support. As this is not my fight it is a step towards making our children safer, and these school take better actions.