Kid Environmentalists Today-Responsible Citizens Tomorrow !

By Madhurie Singh, September 16, 2009


What you sow is what you get 🙂 !!!!

Well I changed the acronym to suit my post here.

Have you wondered how kids mimic you and reproduce it when least expected!

But I am pleasantly surprised with the subtle learning that my kids have been absorbing from their parents. And tiny stuff that they say or do makes me a proud mom. 🙂

I am a conservationist at heart and do not believe in pomp and show to please others at all. I believe we all must live within our limits however we have defined to suit our budget not others!

And it’s not easy to pass it down to the kids.

Some of the things that I have been constantly doing are what I guess every parent must be doing even without realizing the importance of it with respect to the larger picture called our earth!

The most common instruction that was passed down to me was, to put off the lights and fans when we were kids. I realized the importance of it not in terms of only the monthly bill under control, but also about the way it helps in the reduction of the usage of the national electric energy, hence lesser coal needed to generate the power. Lesser coal used means, longer supply of coal in future.:)

Both my kids, today, have learnt it to such an extent that even when they are being carried at night in their sleep from one room to another, they do not forget to remind us that we need to switch off the lights and the fan. 🙂

One of the thing that I hate is anyone wasting water. The sound of water falling uselessly drives me mad and then whosoever is the culprit has to listen a sweet little lecture from an amateur environmentalist :D.

Now that’s one thing I am trying to teach but is not gone into the system of my kids or maids enough. My kids have learnt to turn off the tap but they somehow keep wasting water when they are taking bath. Bath tub was always something that I never approved of due to hygiene reasons, but also due to the huge amount of water that is wasted.

I tried to cut on the shower too but my kids still are too young to be so mature when it’s difficult to make the adults understand this concept. A lot of people I have talked to, just do not get the concept of conserving water. They ask ignorant questions like , ” if we are paying for it why should anyone bother ? or something like , ” there is free water so why should be bother?”
Such people are best to be left alone, because it’s not their fault, it’s the upbringing that never bothered about the environment. That’s one reason why I am determined to teach my kids early about water conservation.

Thankfully we have followed the dry and wet garbage segregation from the time we were in Sydney. So it was never difficult for me to teach my kids what is wet and what is dry garbage and where should they go. Infact they are now so much involved in keeping the city and home clean that at times we are proudly embarrassed! Ironic?

On my elder son’s birthday he made all the kids take back the gift wrappings of the return gift and prizes to their homes.

And recently my younger son was hunting for a bin to throw a chocolate wrapper in an already littered birthday party hall!

Yes, once a while reminders are needed, because after all they are kids.:)

These are some of the tiny contributions from my babies which I know is just a step but will transform into two responsible citizens who value the earth and all the richness of it in the most natural form :)!

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