Let's Solve Common Problems Faced by Children in School and Home

By Madhurie Singh, July 01, 2017

Parenting is not easy, especially when children are evolving faster than parents can cope up. Each parent finds one or many common issues bothering them when it comes to their loved ones. The most common of all issues as per my survey are: My Child
1. Can not Concentrate / Focus / Easily distracted in class and at home
2. Gets Bored Easily
3. Gets Angry quickly
4. Does not want to write anything
5. Can not finish class work/homework on time
6. Forgets easily / Can not memorize
7. Unable to find interesting ways to learn
8. Needs to boost Confidence
9. Lacks of motivation and initiation
10. Does not show interest or take initiative
11. Back Answering
12. Very lazy / Does not want to move
13. Lack of confidence
14. Glued to gadgets mindlessly for hours together
15. Behavioral problems which are on daily basis and only with parents
16. Depression and bored

The problems are all due to past or recent changes in the environment, people or behavior with changes in expectations and emotions. We will deal with a few problems and solutions due to time constraint.

I got a call from a mom in August 2016 who was very distressed as she had found her son was being bullied to take drugs by his peers in school. She had found out the number of students who take drugs in 9th grade that even the school management was aware of but unable to control it.

After a lot of thinking, I had a lot of questions about drug and addiction. I came across a post on Facebook where this young lady was claiming to have helped several addicts in Pune using Graphology and counseling.

I quickly messaged her and had a talk with her. The whole conversation was very uplifting when I came to know that using handwriting analysis, medicines and counseling this deaddiction center has helped teenagers and youth come out clean much faster than just the counseling and medicines.

So I got really curious and asked to meet me. Somewhere, I had a hope that if this is really true then so many students, teens, youth can benefit is people are aware of Graphology.

It was last November that we met. I grilled her a lot to understand how and what kind of patients/problems she has dealt with in the deaddiction center. Addiction of mobile phones, drugs, alcohol were major ones. I was quite surprised to know that patients and their family members hide facts even when they are in the center for help!  The counselors would waste 2 – 3 sessions only to understand the real issue as that is how long it would take patients to open. After assessing their handwriting, the root cause of the addiction could be easily identified. So even before the first counseling session starts with the patients, his/her handwriting has already revealed a lot about the problem areas. It became easier and faster for the counselors to address the patient and the issues. This information was like a music to my ears. I was visualizing parents coming with the handwriting samples of their children and getting to the root cause of the same without even meeting children. It would mean so much to the teachers who face humongous load of dealing with the children each day.

But, what good is a report if it does not help in any change in the behavior.  We all know what we are or what we imagine to be based on what others think about us. But it would be beneficial if someone also had a solution to change. That is why I never believed DMIT and such analysis.

I am excited only when someone comes to me with the solution and not just the problems.

So I asked her if she helps the patients change their handwriting to overcome these hidden traits that may be the cause of the problems. She mentioned that each trait can be changed with little practice and alertness while writing.

She gave her patients patterns to be practiced daily for 21 days. On 21st day she would check the handwriting again to see if the change was forced or natural. If the change was natural, it would mean the patient has managed to overcome the problem but has to continue focusing on the pattern to make it a habit. If the change was forced, she would ask them to repeat the 21 days cycle again along with the medicines and counseling.

Now know me you know that verbal proof is not good enough. So I had to test it out.

I gave her samples of my sons’ handwritings. She mentioned the exact issues and their solution patterns along with changes we as parents should adopt. 🙂

We did everything religiously with a lot of apprehensions. But, I could see changes in my children from the first week onwards. I thought I was imagining. But seriously we were all putting a lot of effort in the words we chose to utter, the change in the authority, the compromises and the pattern practice.

Needless to say that I am very happy with the entire process of the handwriting therapy along with the counseling (to the parents).

And that is when I decided it’s time to create an awareness for all those parents who were facing common, nagging issues when dealing with their children’s studies. The most attractive part was the solution which was as simple as changing a stroke of an alphabet! If this could change a nagging issue in a child, which parent won’t go for it.

So here I am with Sonal Oswal, inviting you to a seminar cum workshop on understanding your child’s problems.

lets solve common problems of children

We have a limited number of seats, so do book it asap. Also the fee will increase each week. So you better book a seat now.

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Hi Madhurie, I am from Delhi. The handwriting analysis, sounds very interesting. It would be great help to me if you get any pointers of such sessions in Delhi. Thanks, Sumita

Well, You should Google for the handwriting experts in Delhi. If you wish to get the analysis done online, you can write to me on [email protected]

Hi Madhurie, I am from Kerala and I am a frequent reader of your blogs. They are very useful. Regarding the handwriting analysis, it would be great help to me if you get any pointers of such sessions in Kerala. Thanks, Mini

Hi Mini, I would not be aware of any one in Kerala who is an analyst. You may google and find. If you wish to get analysis done, there is an online service available. https://www.instamojo.com/madhuriesingh/book-psycho-handwriting-analysis-report/

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