List Of ISC Affiliated Schools In Pune (Grade 11 - 12)

By Madhurie Singh, April 07, 2017

List of Schools in Pune affiliated to ISC Board for Grade 11 and Grade 12.

Very important. Do not seek admission in any schools that you do not see in this list for class 11-12 in Pune ISC board.
Schools share your affiliation number if your name is not in this list.

For list of Pune Schools from grade 1 to 10 click this link.

[O] 020-26330260 Boys ICSE Mr. Frank R. Freese
1 The Bishop’s School, [F] 020-26334590 D/R ISC
5 – A, Gen. Bhagat Marg Pune-411 001 [E] [email protected] Provisional
[O] 020-26363892 Co-ed. ICSE Ms. Rita Katawati
2 Hutchings High School & Junior College, [O] 020-26352764 Day ISC
7,Phayre Road Pune-411 040 [F] 020-26363644 Provisional
[E] [email protected]
[O] 020-25889062 Co-ed. ICSE Mr. Prashant V. Shirsat
3 Spicer Higher Secondary School, [O] 020-25882140 D/R ISC
Aundh Road Ganeshkhind P.o. Pune-411 007 [F] 020-25882140 Provisional
[E] [email protected]
[O] 020-26356282 Co-ed. ICSE Mrs. Sujata Mallic Kumar
4 St. Mary’s School, [F] 020-26330200 Day ISC
5-B, Gen. Bhagat Marg Pune-411 001 [E] [email protected] Permanent
[O] 020-26124384 Girls ICSE Mrs. Vijaya Senji
5 St. Helena’s School And Junior College, [O] 020-26126796 D/R ISC
8, Susie Sorabji Road Opposite Central Bldg Pune-411 001 [F] 020-26123534 Permanent
[E] [email protected]
[O] 020-24263436 Co-ed. ICSE Mr. Subhash John Namey
6 Hume Mchenry Memorial High School Of S.D.A., [F] 020-24263436 Day ISC
Salisbury Park P.O. Box No. 15 Pune-411 037 [E] [email protected] Permanent
[O] 020-6539984 Co-ed. ICSE Ms. Nalini Sengupta
7 Vidya Valley School, [O] 020-25872507 Day ISC
Survey No. 94/1/1 Sus Village Pune-411 021 [E] [email protected] Provisional
8 Vibgyor High, [O] 020-26946000 Co-ed. ICSE Ms. Jumana Gari
Dorabjee Paradise, Near Palace Orchards Extn. NIBM Road Mohammadwadi Pune-411 060 [F] 020-30446000 Day ISC
[E] [email protected] Permanent
9 Sahyadri School, [O] 02135-306100 Co-ed. ICSE Dr. Shailesh Ashok Shiralli
Tiwai Hill Rajgurunagar Pune-410 513 [O] 02135-288443 Permanent ISC
[F] 02135-306194
[E] [email protected]
10 St. Mathews Academy, [O] 020-26855574 Co-ed. Dr. Mrs. Olive Mathews
Sr. No. 284, Hissa No. 7, Urli Devachi, Handewadi Road Tal. Haveli Pune-411 048 [O] 020-32918654 Day ICSE
[F] 020-26855274 Permanent ISC
[E] [email protected]
11 Riverdale International Residential School, [O] 020-32542964 Co-ed. ICSE Mr. Payam Shoghi
Village Rawade Post Paud Taluk Mulshi Pune-412 108 [O] 020-32940442 Day ISC
[E] [email protected] Provisional
[O] 020-27424160 Co-ed. ICSE Miss Smita Patterson
12 Podar International School, [O] 020-65100212 Day ISC
Anandibaug, Kharalwadi Nehru Nagar Road Pimpri Pune-411 018 [F] 020-27424160 Permanent

Schools share your affiliation number if ur name is not in this list.


To check your school affiliation status click this link.

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