List of the best traditional, modern and mixed schools in Pune

By Madhurie Singh, February 20, 2014

There are very broadly 3 types of schools in Pune. The traditional schools that have been there ever since Britishers built schools in 1876 onwards. Secondly, the modern schools, that have been around only since last 10-15 years. Lastly, the schools that are a mix of the traditional style and modern style, mainly because they are adapting to the new ways to teaching, learning, management etc.

The traditional schools have been into the existence since 1876 ie 138 years!!!! I am sure you will agree that in a century and a half, a lot has changed in our country and this world around us. Yet! There are schools that continue to function the same old way. These make use of the book and the notebook method of teaching. The learning is mostly by rote and similar to what our generations would have gone through our school days. The method of disciplining is also by force or punishment. Teachers are the old school teachers who are experienced and dedicated to teaching but not necessarily keen. The schools that fall under this category are, St Marys, Bishops, St Helenas, Hutchings, St Annes, Loyolla, St Josephs,  Pawar Public School , VPMS etc.

The modern schools are those that have adopted newer ways of teaching and learning, newer ways of disciplining and newer ways of managing the schools, children, staff and even the parents. They have their curriculum designed by experts of the current time and focus on making the learning interesting using various fun methodologies and tools. These have a mandatory teacher training process to help teachers adapt to the modern ways to teachings. They too use interactive tools, but probably only used for 20% of the entire curriculum. Their type of disciplining is more self awareness. The schools that fall under this category are Symbiosis International, MIT Gurukul, Vibgyor, Orchid, Orbis, Indus World, Aman Setu   etc

The mixed type of schools has their core in the traditional style yet they are adapting to the modern ways too. There will be the books that are demanded as per the boards, but will have a few learning materials designed for the benefit of the children, depending on the complexity of the topics. They have interactive teaching tools too, but probably only used for less than 10% of the entire curriculum. The mixed type of schools are DPS, Podar, Wisdom World,  Indira Nationals, Vidya Valley, Kothari, Amanora  etc.


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Hello Madhurie, Is Sanskriti school Undri better than Wisdom World School, Hadapsar? Please guide.

Hi Madhurie Please let me know which type of school is Sanskriti Bhukum (cbse) traditional or modern. Kind Regards

plz suggest me avery very fun loving education school

i want the best school for my son he is now in nursery but next year he will be in lkg which is equal in education and academic and the studies shouldn't be burden for child but it should be fun education can u suggest me such a lovable school near camp area

What about Sanskriti School?

In which category will you put Lexicon International, Wagholi? And one more thing, I have rarely seen anything related to that school in your website. Any special reason why you conciously drop Lexicon Wagholi from your research? Thanks!

Hi Indu, there are 2 types of schools that will never feature on my website. Firstly those that are very new and not fair to review them. Secondly those that are either too below the standards to even spare my precious time or the promoters or the owners are not who I relate to in terms of the values, will not be written about on my blog.

Dear madhurie, My son was studying in Jaipur in ICSE,my husband is just transferred to pune ,can you please suggest how to get admission in ICSE good schools

Dear Nikita, Kindly fill the Contact me form.

Dear Madam, My Elder son is in 6th grade and attending DAV school at Aundh , while younger one goes to WIsdom World school. Elder one now wants a change of school ,he is doing extremely well academically. we will understand the driving factor behind this once his exams are over in next few days. we are perplexed at this situation , would like your advice for the good CBSE school in Aundh,Wakad area. We are happy with the Wisdom world school but the curriculum is ICSE and they are till now till 9th grade only....... would like your advice on Vikhe Patil,Loyola and any other school you feel can be ICSE also but would like to have curriculum till 12th grade.. Appreciate your response.

Kindly fill the contact form to seek appointment with Madhurie Singh.

Dear Madhuri ji, first of all let me tell you that i am a big follower of your blogs. i have been following your articles for last two years. these are really helpful for parents who are looking for good schools for their kids. I would like to know about RIMS international school which is near NIBM. I stay on NIBM road and it will be real real help me if you can give an elaborate report of the school. Looking forward for your reply soon. Thanks.

Dear Rahul, It will be the best to meet me for the RIMS school feedback. Kindly book an appointment for call or workshop by filling the contact form.

Thanks Madhurie for creating awareness in education sector. Also thankful to u for sharing your life experiences and the ways u handle them. Keep up the good work.and God bless u always.

Which category St. Arnold's belong to ?


Hi Madhurie, Meaningful post. I feel Cost/fees is the imp factor which decides the type of school or the category in which the school is listed. High fees school pamper children to some extent and the teachers are very goodie-goodie all the time to the students as well as their parents. They keep on assuring the parents that ...oh ! ur child is doing so well, has so much of hidden talent, high potential...etc etc..all the time. And when the results of Xth std are declared the parents get the true picture. I may be wrong and this wont be true with all the children because their parents take care of their academic requirements and so much of their extra/co-curricular activities are done out of the school.Interesting and challenging would be in today's time to find/ categorise schools which are good at character, confidence building,instilling positive and hard -working attitude in the children .Life is not always 'easy' and 'goodie- goodie' should also be taught to the children by parents and school. Technology, methods of learning will keep on changing in modern times, so not sure if it is easy or rather if the schools would keep on upgrading their technological and instructional tools in which they have already invested in. So all the todays modern and mixed schools will become traditional schools and todays traditional schools will still remain as some day they would drastically change/upgrade, once Google glass classes /school come up.So lets wait and watch the education boom !

And it would be the best thing to see all the traditional schools change! Cannot fathom the beautiful amalgamation of the values with the new technology.

Dear Snehal, You are amazing writer! I hop you have your own blog, if not its time to start writing, NOW! Yes, I totally agree with you the entire way of handling students and parents in the schools today. Yet, this is the first step to encourage parents who are up on the ladder to choose wisely.

please tell me, Lokseva eschool in which catagory?


Hey...Nice way to catagorise the type o schools...i love all your articles n keep sharing them with my peer moms. My son who's nearly five now goes to Sri sri ravishankar at Bhugaon. I selectd the school based on ur insights of how to select best fit based on my priorities. I don't know if you have visited this campus...but if you still haven't i would love to take you there ...its just perfect for parents who believe in holistic learning and want spiritual base for learning. I love the school and the teachers and i think this school definitely falls under the catagory of modern schools in this article. I am surprised you didn't include SSRVM in there! Keep up the good work...bless you for being a guide to all parents here in Pune! Thanks a ton!

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