Major subjects vs Minor subjects for grade 8 to 12

By Madhurie Singh, June 16, 2018

In my opinion, children should pursue a serious degree course and later on or along the way, they have ample of time to pursue several online, offline courses.
Like while I was doing my Engineering in Computer Science, I tried to do fashion designing. I did not like it after a few months and dropped it. But if I had taken Fashion Designing out of glamour, which was true in my case, I would be stuck with it.

If someone is in love with designing, must go to a good design college and complete it with whole heart and soul.

A basic strong degree that builds skills and broadens the problem-solving aptitude is a must. Later on there are online platforms like Coursera, Udemy etc which allows anyone to learn new skills and subjects.

So things like Website designing, Editing, Accounting etc can be learned anytime.

In India, we still do not have the options like major and minor subjects. So we have to judiciously select a Major subject first, complete it and then anytime join a part-time course for the minor subjects of interest.

In fact it is a great idea to do them simultaneously as it makes the students more creative. It allows students to apply totally unrelated solutions of one field to another field.

Major Subjects Must be Holistic

English is the most common language in academics hence should not be ignored till 12th grade.

Math is extremely important at least till the 10th grade that will enable any student to understand basic Mathematics required in life. If the student is not scared of Math or does not get depressed and is getting more than 50% then in my opinion, Math should be part of grade 11 and 12 also. The reason is that most career entrance exams have a basic quantitative test that expects the student to score there too. A student who has left Maths in 9th or in 11th will find it difficult to confidently attempt these tests. Nowadays and in future, there is a trend to include Maths in most entrance exams and courses.

If a student is sure of pursuing Medicine or Health field may leave Math in 11th grade but not before that.

Any course where the technology is mentioned, Math is needed. 🙂

Physics And Chemistry go pretty much hand in hand in a lot of career courses. So keep them too close by. Most pure science courses lead to a career in research and are quite satisfying too.

Biology is must for those who have any love for medicine or when they wish to pursue health-related courses. But it can be dropped otherwise.

Computer is also great but can be pursued even in graduation. So if one is not very good with time management and load management, can leave it in 11th and 12th. But if one is very keen and would want to get into computers definitely must take it in 11th and 12th. It really expands the reasoning and logical ability. Since the world will have everything that is connected with the computers, it is best to learn is now when the fear is least. Else it can become a thing of worry. Yet, it can be learned anytime. 🙂

Physical Education is an easy subject like a filler that is similar to Biology with emphasis on sports. So someone who has taken Biology or Math or Physics or Chemistry can very well pick this subject as the additional subject. Someone who is seriously interested in taking up Sports, Sports management could explore it as an additional subject.

Future is going to be dominated by Technology, Robotics, Genetics, Astronomy, Space Technology, Resource Technology, Environment, Anything with the word Cyber, Entertainment, Media, Design, Psychology seem to the future. So choose wisely.

If a student is absolutely not happy with Math/ Physics/ Chemistry / Biology, then its a great idea to drop the Science path and pursue Either Humanities or Commerce path.

When a child is 100% sure that he/she hates sciences then comes the beauty of Humanities and Commerce subjects.

Many students love History, Geography and would like to pursue these in 11th and 12th grade. Nowadays there are several combinations for Humanities.

Psychology is extremely interesting and has huge future potential with the world moving towards robotics, the need to understand human behavior and psychology is growing very fast. One can also pursue Psychology as a Science student too. I am exploring more as this subject is fascinating and versatile.

Political Science is another subject offered in Humanities and is a great subject for those who have any dream to pursue UPSC exams.

Several students are extremely talented in performing arts and must go for higher education in their fields to become experts. They must choose their subject in dance, music, art accordingly instead of wasting time on Science or Commerce. But most Arts can be picked any time in the life.

Literature is also not everyone’s cup of tea if pursued seriously. Students who have the flair for languages can become extremely successful if they pursue the same in 11th and 12th and beyond. But it can be pursued anytime in the life.

Law can be pursued after picking any field. So its a great choice if one has the ability to remember and recall, research the past and then argue out their cases.

Economics is actually a pseudo-science. They are definitely interesting for those who love the dynamics of the global economy. Its a great asset for those who have interest in stocks, currency, monetary fields but definitely works best with Maths and Computers in my opinion.

Accountancy, Commerce, Business Studies,  are extremely important for any business. Anyone who has the flair for business must just dive into these subjects. Especially those who have a family business benefit hugely.

Maths is again very important if you want to run a profitable business, hence no giving up Maths until grade 12.

Phew! This was for my own satisfaction and be able to discuss with my sons like an informed mom.





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