Marriage advice vs Business advice

By Madhurie Singh, June 13, 2013

Any comparison between marriage and business ever made? This is no way any marriage advice or business advice. So take it lightly.

But expect from people like me and my friends to be making analogies even in such far off topics.

The other day I was talking to my CA friend and discussing the various types business entities that are around and their pros and cons. She was making me understand the pros of proprietorship for consulting and professionals who start off.

The pro were pretty straight forward and simple.

  1. Easy to start
  2. Easy to end
  3. Easy to manage
  4. No one to ask
  5. No one question
  6. You are the boss
  7. You are the king
  8. You are wholly responsible and accountable for all actions
  9. You can hire as you grow
  10. You have least mandatory paperwork
  11. You have a peaceful life until you form a company at time you are ready.

The Pros and Cons of Company formation were pretty much the opposites of the above points

  1. Looks glamorous but is not
  2. Difficult to start
  3. Needs investment in every step
  4. Needs paperwork from the beginning to end
  5. Have to go by rules and regulations
  6. You have to take approvals even when you are the boss
  7. You are accountable for not just you but an entire team
  8. You have tensions of not just your own survival but many others in the team
  9. Too much paperwork
  10. Once you start, you are stuck and there is no going back
  11. Even to end it, you need to ask and have loads of mandatory paperwork.

As we progressed talking, my sons were fighting in the background, over a packet of chips. My CA friend laughed aloud saying thank god she was not handling all these along with the work.

Well after 2 hours we were now talking about marriage !

And how she was very happy being single yet. But her parents of course were always behind her life.

That’s when she casually asked me if she was missing anything, being single.






pics from Google images

It was a spontaneous answer but one that I was pretty proud of later on. I told her, ”     Being single is like you just mentioned about a proprietor who has all the peace in the life who is eating the cake too;)”.  And then there is being married, that comes with the whole load of responsibility not just for your own actions but others too, just like you have formed a company!

And in a second she understood not just the meaning but the intricate inside details of what being married means!

We must have laughed for a straight 5-10 minutes after this trying to comment on the analogy between marriage and business entities but at the end of the conversation we agreed in unison, nothing sums the description better.

Just to let you know, I would never trade any thing or any status.

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