Get a Medical MBBS seat in Medical colleges

By Madhurie Singh, August 20, 2013

Ever wondered what is the most lucrative business where people will track you down to request you to accept payment?

Yes You are right, education. It’s a business and a damn profitable one too!

So if you are a small fry, just start with making a play school. 🙂

If you have initial funding and a good connection with the ministry, you must build a primary or a  high school.

If you have a relative in the ministry you can start your own degree college.

If you are an MLA, MP, Minister in the ruling party then waste no time. Just form a trust in the name of your kin (even your driver will do). Get a group of professionals to arrange everything for you from papers to land. The rest, which is the main part of getting approval is anyway under your belt by the virtue of your profession.

Find a builder to build the college for you. This time it has to be either an engineering college  if you are a small minister or if this is your first college. Else you must be making a medical college to justify your posts and resources. (note the term make and not build)


Now comes the revenue model.

The most obvious is the entrance exam fee and tuition fee you will be collecting from the students.

But the above revenue model is old school and will not take you far. Also its a slow gain. You better hurry up before the term ends.

So you have to find the revenue model that seems to be omnipresent and known to everyone who is looking for an MBBS seat except the lawmakers.

How to make money by selling MBBS seats? A step by step guide.

  • Never wait for the normal exam months i.e. April, May, June.
  • Start early. Organize a team of discreet agents.
  • Start selling seats to the highest bidder or on the first come first serve basis.
  • Allot the buyers ranks. The highest bidder gets an assured 1st rank and so on.
  • So you have sold off 80 % of the MBBS seat @ 20- 60 lacs per seat. (Avg Rs 40lac x 100 seats = Rs 40,00,00,000/-  )
  • Now in order to earn more  by legally charging for the application fee for the entrance exams, declare the admission exam date.
  • Conduct the exams.
  • Declare the pre-set results.
  • Drive away the deserving candidates to frustration.
  • Sell the remaining seat at premium under management quota.
  • Start making annual income from the annual fee @ Rs 3-5Lacs per year = Rs 5,00,00,000/-
  • Total Annual revenue = Rs 45 Crore where the payment is done mostly in cash.
  • Now look to increase the number of seats or make another college in another city.

If you follow all these steps, you need not worry about the bills of your great great great great grandchildren any more.

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