My child is the most important factor to consider in school search

By Madhurie Singh, February 05, 2013

Have you gone to a mall or a store to buy a trouser / pants  for your child without taking him or her along?


Or even if you do not take them along, you would have definitely taken  the measurement using your palm or measuring tape.



Because you want to find the clothes that fits your child the best.

Will you go and buy the clothes from the mall where you do not find anything that fits your child?

No! You will come back home to try another mall or another store. Because you know that a tight jeans is no good and neither is a baggy trouser. You know that your child may reject it outright or may never wear it happily unless you force on him/her.

So you will never make the mistake of buying wrong outfit for your child.

Also you will not go and buy the same clothes that your neighbor used to wear in his childhood days as they are out of  fashion now or they just are not the kind of quality that will match with your family status. So no point shopping for clothes asking your old neighbor.

There are several advertisements on TV and News papers and not to miss the Billboards. Do you believe everything said in the ads and buy the clothes blindly? Or do you check the clothes to verify the ads and then proceed to buy them.

Have ever gone to a mall where everything you touched was beyond your budget? Did you still end up buying anything from there?

No ! Right!

So when we bother so much about the best fitting clothes for our kids and ourselves, do you think it is wise to select a school for your child without finding the best fit?

Do you think your child will be happy if you put him/her in a school that is not taking care of his/her personality or learning abilities.

Would you be happy to see your child coming back from the school every single day with the long face because nobody understands him/her or vice versa?

Well! Its high time you parents start to first understand your own child.

My sons are very different personalities. One is very studious and loves to be with books all the time. The other son is very playful and cannot sit in one place for more than 10 minutes.  His body starts aching if he sits any longer and hence he has to flip, roll or run around the room every 10 minutes.

Can they fit into a school where you will be punished if you stand up in the middle of the class leave alone running around?

So I chose schools for them that fit their personalities the best.

What are you waiting for?

Sit with your spouse and take some time to assess your darling baby. Know him/her well and write down the personality, learning style and like / dislikes. Match it with the school you visit next.

Next post on AGE once again.




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