My child will lose one year, what do I do?

By Madhurie Singh, October 12, 2012

Really ?

How can any living being lose a year beats me!

Lets understand the meaning of losing one year.

Losing a year literally means you remove one whole year from the life an individual !

Please do it from mine !!!  Do it more than once, I won't mind at all! 🙂

My dear parents, trust me whatever you do or not do, I can gaurantee no one has the power yet to reduce one year from anyone's life! Unless you go back in time.

So why fret when your child has to repeat a class in Sr Kg, Class 1 or whenever necessary!

We have as it is burdened our kids with learning at such a small age when they should be playing, learning only be fun, picking up pencils just to draw and memorizing cute lil poems (no damn rhymes passed down from the English that have gross meanings and hidden reasons).

Lot of parents say that their kids are really very smart and pick up everything very quick and fast.


So does that give you the right or the opportunity to over burden your kid's smart fresh brain to such an extent that it becomes an average brain?

Well many may not agree with me, saying that kids must be taught as many  things as possible to charge their brain cells.

Yes but are we doing that?

We are not exposing our kids to learning by using their various senses! We are sending them to places where they learn what was the need of the 100 years ago. Yes 100 years ago was the need to learn all what they are learning now! But they were smart, by making their kids learn at the age on 6 years. We are making them do the same thing at the age of 2 years! 

Its not what you learn at that age matters, its how you learn matters now. Experiencing everything around matters. To feel the shape of a ball with eyes closed matters more than drawing a ball on a paper! To smell a flower matters more than spelling of the flower ! To hear each syllable, twist the tongue, feel the air forcing out of the mouth with various curling up of the lips matters more than writing alphabets and words! To understand how 5 candies are more than 2 candies especially when given to the younger sibling ! 

The benefits of keeping the child oldest has its great advantages which are not subtle. 

  • The child who is even 6 months older will be physically better built than all 6 months younger ones. 
  • The child is able to understand instructions better than the younger kids in the same class.
  • The mother has to spend less time to teach, review of help a child when the child is not the youngest in the class.
  • The stressful time between the mother and child will always be less atleast in the field of education.
  • The child will never be bullied physically or mentally.if he/she is the oldest. 🙂


I did the same thing with my son...repeated in Jr Kg. I am feeling good about it.

Thats great idea too :)

I also repeated my daughter in L KG as she fell short of 1 month...since she is JAN born. But I always felt that it is gud to be older in the class than d youngest. means a lot. But I made a point dat if she repeats d class. she shouldn't repeat d school.

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