My failures and unsuccessful moments

By Madhurie Singh, February 05, 2014

Madhurie Singh  PUNE Jan 2014

Today you will read about my failure too! Yes! There are more failures than success that I can count. Yet, the failures have never bogged me down!

Momentarily it is upsetting when what I wanted did not happen, but then I have always moved on.

In this journey of many ups and downs, my husband is the most important and silent three sided pillars around me. Does not let me fall back or on my either sides. The only way he has let me go is ahead. Such men are rare to find and to be married to one is like the past good karma. 🙂 No, I am not drunk. (Yet)

Also, I have a really courageous mind that just does not accept failures, how much ever daunting they seem to be.

Last year was pretty lousy one in terms of my achievements.

To start with I lost close to 30K to a nincompoop website developing company. But that 30k made me learn a lot! It was like a practical class of how to handle idiots and not lose hope or heart. 🙂 I am extremely glad to be out of it and thank them bleeping brains too can be of some use.

Then there were a few good habits that I had started last year, but 🙁 unable to continue them.

My green tea habit. Started but now somehow do not like it. Hoping to restart.

The organic veggies too were one of my favorites, but, this one I gave up not because of my lack of interest, but because of the pathetic shape and quality of the veggies supplied by the organic veggies supplier. I did not want to pay more and end up buying twisted and rotten veggies. I am still open to better quality home delivery. Anyone listening?

My weight lifting is a nightmare and have stopped it since a year, hence weight lifting is now what I am doing literally, but my own fatty ones! 😛

My successful habits too need to be mentioned.

I am totally off plastics!

Microwave is back after a lot of research and two years of abstaining. Seriously! We have not used the microwave since last 2 year due to some reports. After verifying and confirming about the false articles, I am finally back with my new LG microwave. This one is so good that every Indian dish has a been preset into that tiny chip. From Missi roti to tandoori chicken to Gajar ka Halwa all can be cooked by pressing a button or two.

Started Badminton after ages to stop the aging. Hope to continue. Though do not have much choice looking at my hubby who lost 15 kg and he has started looking younger!!!! No worries, a few more months, I will definitely reach there and go ahead too.

Though this year I never made any resolutions, as I plan to just do the right thing every day and have no goal. That way, I will definitely reach my goal, even without setting it.

I would love to read if anyone of you too have any success or failure to share and make me feel good.

Hi Madhurie, Does this site is the only way to reach you? I am going through quite a hard time where i am struggling to find out a way for various issues. I wanted to share in the woman's blog but don't know how far it is correct as its very personal. But need to share with some one who has come a way out from it and may guide me in this time.

Dear Vidya, You are always welcome to share your worries with me. If I am capable of providing you with any help, I will definitely help you out. And will not charge you. :) you can write to me in the email that I will be sharing with you in your current email. But if there is any school related issue, kindly fill the contact form.

Hi Madhurie, Hope you had a great weekend. I think the blog would be helpful if ladies get an oppurtunity to share their thoughts and may be some one or else will be able to get a solution by going through the thoughts and can be able to rethink their situation in a different angle. Infact today i went through the article "how to save money and get rid of loans" which I felt true to my heart as this is all I do feel and many a times I am challeneged by some one or else. I think such articles would also help a lot for the working ladies.

Dear Vidya, Thats a great suggestion about ladies sharing their thoughts. What do you propose and how would you want that to happen? Do let me know what is the solution.

Thank you so much for your reply Madhurie! And it feels great afetr reading this and happy to know about the blog which you have shared. I will definitely try to get out of my negativities and try to incline more towards my positive things. Once again thanks and i do hope I can share my ideas, views with you considering this as a start.

Hi Vidya, Yes you can always share your views and ideas with me. I love to push women around me and in my social network to go beyond their current state and to work towards their dreams. After a year my friend Hina has finally out up her solo painting exhibition at Darpan Art Gallery that is currently running till 18th Feb 2014. I can not tell you the pride I have in watching her achieve her dream that too with such a big success. Do drop in to her exhibition. Also read this article and pen your views.

Hi Vidya, most welcome. You can mail me any time.

Though all ur articles r good,I loved reading this one.,as i was able to relate to few things u mentioned..:)

Hello Madhurie, I am a big fan of your writings. I have been following your blog for quite some time as I am also a mother of 2 kids in Pune and came to your website through a search on Google about school reviews. But more than that, it is your quirky and personal writings that I really like. Pls continue your good work. It's helping a lot of us.

Thank you Priyanka. I will do as you all wish and continue to write my heart out.

I have started going through you website last 15 days as I am looking for my son's admission. But I liked the concept with which you have started this websit and want to congratulate you. I am an IT professional who is juggling between home and office and also getting support from my family but still am not happy. Dont' know how you will take this but I want to meet you if possible and would like to know how to cope up with challenges.. Also if some forum is there within the city where ladies can meet and share their ideas would also be great. Sorry I know you are running the website based on education but as a lady I thought you might agree with me and may be it can also result to some other innovation or creativity.

Dear Vidya, welcome to my site. Happiness is in the mind, that you must have heard n number of times. But trust me, it's all true. I have a few ways that allows me to shake off any sadness and failures. One good way is to stay away from anyone who is negative and belittling you. But if someone in the family is always making you feel low it can be difficult but not impossible. Keep your communications to such mean people as to the point as possible. Scoot to your safe zone as fast as you can and do not let such people over power your mind. The other thing that I practice is to involve my time in things that keep me happily busy. I love to read books and read other peoples' articles. I do not allow myself to be sitting idle any time. In my house, every place I sit, has a book lying at the side, including my bathrooms. I am so hungry to read the variety, that anything that has anything printed is devoured, sometimes if nothing is around, even the label of the shampoo or cream comes to save me! :) You can meet me anytime. I have a blog called where I did start to share about women and mom related thoughts. Kindly check it out and if you think it makes sense, I will open it for posting more such thoughts from other working ladies too. Never be sorry. We have one life and it is our responsibility to get the most out of it. Quit thinking what others will think and stop acting on what you wish to do. If you want to call me that is fine. So just post a comment and I reach out to you. Take Care Madhurie Singh

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