My Kids and food !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Madhurie Singh, July 28, 2008

My babies made my day yesterday. I normally have to sit one hour for each meal with both the kiddos every day. There are days when I am sitting patiently, telling them stories or they telling me stories. There are days when I am screaming like a witch at them, especially when there is vegetarian food on the menu.

My kids think food means chicken, mutton, fish, prawns or eggs.  Paneer is also acceptable by the young HHs. The days I make veggies only, I have to make sure I have no meeting lined up, no workshop to attend or take and definitely no calls. I am shouting screaming threatening for an hour ! At the end I do manage to make them eat what I wish but at the cost of their lov for me and my guilt towards them !

But today was different.

My friend Arun, forwarded a mail to me. I had tears in my eyes watching a kid eat from the garbage ! There was another picture of a kid drinking water along with a dog from the same puddle !

I thought of making a positive impact and use of this mail by telling a story .  So once we were back from school, my kids one 5 yr old another 3.5 yr were too eager to hear and see the picture of the boy who did not eat food ! And the kid who threw food and wasted water.

After watching the powerpoint presentation, I could see my kids watching seriously, with their expression changing. They felt sad and my elder one was convinced that no one should throw food or water, and that he will not trouble his mom any longer. I don’t know how long it will last.

At the dinner time, I was hoping to see the effect of the mail on my kids eating habit and change .

My elder son ate his food with one coaxing. I was mighty pleased and glad that the expectant result was seen.

But I was not prepared for the effect on my younger kid !

He ate a bite and threw away the whole food into the dustbin !  Shocked and angry, I was upset that my younger son was so not sensitive ! Anyways, I had to question him and make him understand the effect of bad deed done by him. So I called him and made him sit with me. We call this type of sessions as “Talk Time”, where they have to talk out their problems and anything in their minds, without me judging them!

So I asked him the reason for his throwing away the food into the garbage bin! He answered, ” Mumma ! I threw away all the food, so that the boy gets more food to eat when he looks into the garbage again ! “

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