My new Kid will help YOUR KID's life and career!

By Madhurie Singh, February 03, 2010

Dear all,

It’s been a hectic two month for me. Managing my time amidst 2-3 workshops, kids, exams, home, lectures and a new venture.

I want to thank each one of you who has been reading my blogs and reviews. I have learnt immensely from each communication. The workshop in school admission was an eye opener to many, including me.

During my workshops and a small mishap, a new idea took birth in my mind. Then there were meetings with several school heads, psychologists and counselors from Pune on 26th January. And I was assured that I HAVE to give birth to this new conceptual baby ASAP.

It’s my way of doing a tiny bit by starting a move to vent off the pressure from our society.

Having had the opportunity to grow in a colony of a public sector company, the club was my training ground for most of the sports and activities that I have picked. We had free access to table tennis, carom, chess, badminton, swimming, libraries, painting, dance and plays everyday. I realize the importance of those facilities today and yearned to provide similar exposure to my sons. But, to my dismay, all the activites which my kids’ showed any interest were too expensive to afford on a trial basis.

But the last straw that actually pushed me into this new concept was a martial art teacher in my society.  On reference from another society member, I took the responsibility of starting his classes in my society club house. But was shocked when he started asking for Rs 1000/- every month for some reason or the other, over and above the monthly fee. Later on I did a check on his credentials and was shocked to learn a few non existing claims! Even though I do not give much importance to the certificates, the fact the in martial art forms, only affiliated institutes can send their students to interstate, inter school and national level competitions, was a disturbing fact. I called up the Indian Olympic Association and finally realized that the association was not affiliated.

That’s when I realized that how ignorant we are and how much we moms need to enquire before hading over our kids to any training or classes.

So while discussing with my fellow professors at the MBA institute, we decided that we need not wait for anyone else to take up this issue. So two moms (one is me  :)) got together and planned to start off a center which will solve our problem.

A center which will be based on the Gurukul like system of learning. Why gurukul? Cuz, I personally want my kids to go through our age old system of learning. A system where learning is fun not a pressure. A system, where kids learn to respect elders, respect all jobs, absorb knowledge by interacting with gurus from various fields and experiment with most if not all types of available activities. In the process, the kids start showing interest and talent in one or two specific activities. This one or two activity will be later on honed by the gurus in a more dedicated style. The gurus take the responsibility of training, arranging the competitions, travel etc for each of their disciples.

Are you still with me?  🙂

Well, the center aims at trying to provide a ground to all your kids, in various activities and in a true sense slowly but steadily provide an alternative career. A career which involves both the heart and the mind 100%. And as we all know, any thing that we are passionate about, only brings happiness, satisfaction and of course success. And have you heard of success is followed by a good bank balance! Well, whether we accept it not, all parents have this fear about their kid’s future and more specifically, if their child will be able to love a good stress free life. We have somehow got stuck to the idea that being financially sound is the only  thing in the life. Also that to be financially sound, academics is the only solution! Well, no doubt, the school and all the education that our kids acquire from the academics is important, but becoming an engineer and a doctor are not the only career now!

It’s high time we woke up to face the reality and broaden our minds to other career options available to our kids. There are more than hundred fields other than being an engineer, MBA or doctor. (What an irony, everyone in my family belongs only to these three fields).

Even I want to be assured somehow that my kids will lead a HAPPY life, a stress free life and a financially stable one.

So if I tell you that an average engineer earns 30-40k (post tax) per month, an average doctor earns(post tax) 30-40k whereas an average choreographer earns 50k-1 lac (tax???) per month, an average martial art trainer earns 40-1Lac (tax??) per month after spending only 4-5 hours per day as compared to 9-10 hours spent by an engineer / doctor!

Shocking, isn’t it?  But on the contrary, I found this to be a pleasant surprised. I got down and did a survey and was confirmed about the figures.

Then I started interviewing all the top personalities from non-academic areas, who chose to follow their passions, and today are HAPPY people.
(Excerpts from these interviews will be soon available to you all with their pictures.) Remember a HAPPY mind, always is successful.

So my dear parents, who have trusted and have been following my blog, this one is for YOUR KID.

SuperIndianKid ! As nothing less will describe them with the overall exposure that we will be providing to all our kids.

I had to build another site where you can avail all information on any activity that your kid deserves to be encouraged.

Together we will help our society by venting out the pressure from the lives of our Kids.

Are you ready to help your kid live a HAPPY stress free life and achieve what is most passionate to him?

YES I want to be a part of the stress free society or visit

Thanks Smita :)

Thanks Smita :)

Really Nice work Madhurie..I love all your articles.

Really Nice work Madhurie..I love all your articles.

Hi Madhurie, It was again a very pleasant experience meeting you in person, I wish we had more time to chat. I am all excited about this program and eagerly waiting for 1st March. Thanks and Regards, Hamida

U r always a pleasure to talk to Hamida!

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