My Pledge as a Parent

By Madhurie Singh, February 10, 2011

  1. I am aware that all kids’ are intelligent; it is my duty to find their passion and help them reach their happiness.
  2. I am aware that to make an intelligent kid my focus has to be on his strength and not weakness.
  3. I will set examples knowing that they will be the ones building the nation and my old age tomorrow.
  4. I will try to always answer their queries in the most logical way to encourage their thought process.
  5. I am aware that out of 8760 hours in a year only one fourth time is spent in the school and the rest three fourth out of the school, hence my responsibility as a parent is definitely more in building my kids career.
  6. I am aware that the society and the environment my kids live in have equal impact in their development as much as the school.
  7. I will provide as much exposure to my kids and converse as much possible with them, as I am aware that it’s the most important way to help the kids’ brain development.
  8. I will not run after marks or grades, as I know that these are mere indicators of ever changing progress in the world of knowledge.
  9. I will never do their homework or projects, even if they get the least marks, as I am aware that these assignments are for my kids to learn something new on their own and not testing my abilities.
  10. I will teach them to be respectable and never degrade any teachers in front of my kids, to ensure they hold each guru at their esteemed positions, they deserve to be.
  11. I will teach them values that will encourage them to preserve environment, conserve resources and above all be good human beings.
  12. I will love my kids unconditionally as it was me who wanted them desperately and they did not choose me.

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