My school is the best school and there is no school better !

By Madhurie Singh, February 10, 2013

Today I read a comment that made me laugh. No, it was pretty far from being hilarious. It was on the contrary full of expressions that I normally stay away from. May be that’s when the genes, upbringing, schooling, city, parenting and the environment come into play.

But then it is natural to read anything unpleasant about your own school or the school your child may be going to.

The maturity comes when you handle the articles with an open mind. But instead, when someone blows their top, it starts to reveal the real education imparted by that same school they have been to and trying to praise.

I do not mind or get agitated by anything now a days. Why?

Because, every person has a brain that has the right to think and have opinions. But I do not judge people just by their words or actions. It may be a one off situation, one off reaction and one off anything. So why fret and break head over what someone else is saying about anything or thinking about what I write.

I read a lot. Used to read 1-2 books every month, but thanks to the ebooks, my Tab has 3-4 ebooks always open that I finish reading by a week or two. The more I read, the more information I gather. Some are making me nod in favor and a few against. But that does not make me angry or start spewing fire at the writer. It makes me understand that the world has billions of writers and I need not agree with all of them. But I will still read them. That way I am aware of their thoughts too since there is not right and no wrong.

I don’t judge people by one comment, one action or one thought.

Yes, I have opinions about everything based on my immense reading and my ability to analyze things better than many but I am not judgmental.

When I review schools, I have a benchmark for each and every factor I am rating. So if your school sucks in most  in comparison to many other schools that have come into existence, learn to deal with it or if you really care about the school you passed out from, try to implement those changes.

I am trying to bridge the gap between schools and parents. So why not do a tiny bit of taking up your own schools and making one tiny change instead of crying hoarse! 😛

I do not indulge my precious time in comment wars which leads to nowhere but utter waste of time and space.

When I review schools I can very well tell where a school stands in each factor, especially after my kids have been to 7 different schools, I have been to 6 different schools and  I have reviewed more than 30 schools! 🙂

Read on my favorite examples for people who assume that the schools they passed out from are the best even today.

There was a girl who loved sweets. She was living in a tiny small town. Her mother would make the atta laddoos for her every week. She grew eating these aatta laddoos. Slowly her tiny city transformed into a big city. People started migrating from other big and small cities due to employment opportunities. Many sweet shops opened up offering a huge variety of sweets from all over the country. The girl had a fight with her new friends who did not agree with her that aattaa laddoos were the best sweets in the world. Then the girl went with herfriends to one of  the newer sweet shops and tried many sweets for the first time in her life.

To her amazement, almost all sweets were better tasting than her own aataa laddoos! She compared the shape, size and price of all and then found that her favorite laddoos were not the cheapest yet there were many that tasted delicious in comparison!

The sweet maker answered her questions with ease. He told her that when she was young the Atta laddoos were common and easily made. And that she ate them frequently, hence she loved them. But with time, much better sweets have come into existence. Better sweet marts have better research, better quality and also innumerous variety. Some that were made from the rich dry fruits were very expensive, a few were made from tedious procedures with uniqueness and many had many other newer shades.

So when the sweets were rated, the Aatta laddoos found itself way below the list when it came to the richness,  quality, size, color, looks and flavor in comparison to the sweets made out of dry fruits with vibrant colors, ingredients,  taste and shapes.

The little girl who was no longer little anymore, accepted the fact that when she opened her mind, she saw there were definitely better  sweets in comparison to the humble laddoos.

So like the little girl, if you too have any confusion, do understand that your Laddoo may the best once upon a time for you, but there are many other better sweets that have come into the market that you can relish now. 🙂

The problem comes when I stop to upgrade my information or knowledge. I am trying my best to keep up. Keep writing to me about the positives and negatives of the schools your kids are going to or you have been to. It will help me a lot.


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