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By Madhurie Singh, September 29, 2011

Last few months have been very very hectic for me. I reviewed 4 schools Kothari National School Kondhwa, Vibgyor High NIBM, Orbis School Keshavnanagar, MIT Gurukul International near Hadapsar, Pune.

Now I have categorised the school reviews on various factors like area in Pune, board of education, fee structure, management style of the schools, activities in the school, quality of teachers in the schools, brand name versus quality of the schools etc. You can give search on any of these factors in the Left handed top corner search box and check out all articles.

In the past few months I was also trying to find out if someone could help me revamp my blog but in vain. Every one was quoting 40k-1Lac.
So after a lot of talking and reading, I decided, one month, I should do my upgradation in the knowledge of websites, SEO, Google ranking etc and came to know there was not much change needed as Google wrote back that "the content on my site was too good for any robot to ignore. So just make a few minor changes and you do not need to spend a bomb on site design! ".

So I started juggling again between reviewing schools, learning how to make the site better for all my readers etc etc. I am implementing these slowly, so kindly bear with me. Meanwhile  Google also approved my site for placing their ads. So a lot of time went in understanding how to implement these ads in ways which will not affect my readers ease in reading any review.

A lot of new features are added for parents who find difficult to log and see the updates about schools or products.
Google's friend connect, helped me here immensely with its "NEWSLETTER FEATURE". This you can find in the right hand corner.

All new articles, reviews, product comparisons will be available to you in the NEWSLETTER once you subscribe to it. I strongly recommend it for 3 reasons.

  1. Firstly it is lets you log into my site through any of your existing gmail accounts, twitter account, yahoo account, openid etc.
  2. All new articles, reviews, product comparisons will reach you faster.
  3. I will be sharing some very important tips only in the NEWSLETTER about school admissions.

Then there is a new feature called Google Search which I have added, in the top left hand corner. Why is this so important and better than any other search? Well in this google search box, when you type any school name, factor or word, the google searches not only my site Pune School Reviews but also the entire google database!!!

That way to get to see all links about a particular school in one page, thus reducing your to and fro and waste of time. Try it.


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Forum pages for School admission and School complaints are open again.

Kindly write your question or complaints in the relevant school pages only, else it may not be posted.

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Hi madhuri Can u please give me review of new india school kothrud? Thanks

Hi, I read your article. Will you please tell me your comment for Vivero International Preschool,Kalyani nagar and Victorious Kids,Kharadi. Looking for day care school for my daughter.

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