Nursery class does not fall under RTE act !

By Madhurie Singh, February 18, 2013

The Central government says the Nursery or pre – nursery classes does not fall under RTE act totally !


Well they still have to allocate 25% of the seats to the EWS (economically weaker sections).

So talk about the loopholes, here they are provided for by the government itself!

The play schools or  kindergarten schools also will come into the RTE act as far as the admission to the EWS is concerned as the RTE act does not apply to children below 6 years of age then how come the 25% reservation rule applies to the kids under 6 years?

I am at a loss with this strange fact of RTE. Why cannot the government straight away make it same for all pre schools, playschools and primary schools to follow one single set of rules.

In my opinion, all schools whether they are playschools, or primary must follow RTE 100% or not. This will actually help the RTE in the long run if they are serious. Playschools will get to admit kids from the nursery with the RTE in place, hence the primary schools will not be able to show doors to the EWS applicants.

Ofcourse we are innovative Indians, so trust the schools for coming up with brilliant ways to avoid loopholes.


Well I could see the points from both sides rather hazy at this point. From your views which is most people's views too, yes its unfair as it seems to the child coming at the age of 6 yrs when our kids have been to the pre schools since the age of 1.5 to 2 yrs! But like they cope with everything these kids will learn to cope. Schools will learn to cope. The rest of the parents and peer group will learn to cope. The other side being the government's view point is I guess that there has to be a start at some point somewhere. In lower strata they realize the existence of education rather late. So giving them time to want to get literate is what could be the reason behind this 6 years age. Also most schools start from class 1 if you go by the average stats in all India level. Also every small town may not have the pre-school facilities that we take for granted ! I believe that these are the transitional times and phases which will be full of turmoil for the lawmakers and the followers, but once the teething problems are gone there will be a time (not too soon) when all creases will be ironed out. New ones will start thereafter. :)

Have been following this news all started with Mr. Shashi Tharoor giving a statement followed by SC asking a clarification from Delhi HC and RTE for pre-primary school(except 25% reservation for EWS). I wonder how we expect a student (who is not privileged enough to take education till the age of 5) to cope at the age of 6 while other kids of his age have already gone through basic pre-primary education. Will the government spend additional resources to get them at par? Or is there no right to education till age of 6? Confusion continues…

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