Paid list of good school in Pune 2015

By Madhurie Singh, January 02, 2015

Today, I was in a really crabby mood as I had slept at 5:30 am, working on my website that was causing some unknown technical problem. I had to get it up before you woke up.

So when in the morning my milk man delivered milk, I picked the newspaper too. As I came inside the house, my puppy Coco was peeing near a mat. I pulled out a sheet of paper and spread it on the pee.

Then as I started to walk back to my bed groggily, I found on that paper a list of good schools. I read it and could not really concentrate on it as it was upside down. But I saw DPS on top and Bishops at the bottom. Feeling relieved that TOI has finally come around to publish honest list of good schools.

I slept off and woke up only when my maid got my favorite adrak waali chai.

Then when I saw my mobile, there were several whatsapp and fb messages regarding the same list of schools. So I got up to see if that paper was still around, but my hubby had thrown it away long back.

Fortunately a few of the parents had posted an image of the list. I do not even want to share it here as many will only look at the picture and consider to be my opinion.

If you read the list, please have a hearty laugh and use the paper for the similar purpose as I did, though unknowingly.

Please do not believe these paid list of schools that claim to be good. I can challenge their survey. Remember the source and organization must be trustworthy to believe the list. I am sure you are smart and can figure out how to separate sheep from the goats.

Dear Maam, I am located in Hinjewadi and my kids go in Anisha Global. The school is okay but in starting stage and will take time to settle. I am looking for CBSE schools nearby and am confused between Pawar Public School and GIIS. Can you please guide

Hey kindly book a phone consult by clicking this link

Hi Mam, I would like to know best schools for my daughter for std 5 near pcmc area.

Hi Madhuri Mam, Can you pleas suggest best CBSE board schools for LKG in Dhanori, Viman Ngar & Kirkee ? Regards Ekta

Hello Madhuri, I want to get admission my advanced learner child in a very good school as my child's first language is English (preferred curriculum CBSE or ICSE) in Pune. He is extra-ordinary child. He is promoted to class 1 (he is just 4.5 yrs old). Can you please tell the top 5 schools in Pune (actual good school, not paid list). Thanking you. Rakesh

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