Parvarrish - Awesome Hindi serial on Parenting

By Madhurie Singh, April 15, 2012

9:30 pm is a must for my kids to sit and watch Parvarrish along with me. This new hindi serial on Sony channel has become our family favorite and guide.

The serial teaches a lot of important way to handle children, their tiny emotional world, and their view point about everything that a normal middle class family faces.

There are many a time it will show you how difficult it is for a child to follow something that we parents assume they will understand. It opens wide our minds to their small world about what matters to them today that was nonexistent in our times.

I remember watching an episode which was about peer pressure in school, where the girls out of pressure go to a farm house party without telling their parents and meet with hardships.

After the serial I casually asked my kids if they ever faced peer pressure. I was imagining that they would ask me what the meaning of peer pressure was.

But was surprised when they yes they faced peer pressure too!

And then they mentioned how in their group of 6 friends they were supposed to follow group rules. But thankfully the rules were good ones which made them carry their cycles off the ground if they said any bad words or if they fought with each other.

After that it has become a routine to discuss about the topic and explain or solve any issue very easily.

Each episode starts with the problem and end with a solution in the next episode.

I think it a very entertaining way to learn parenting.



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