PediaSure health drink supplement is not for every one!!

By Madhurie Singh, July 22, 2012

Review of Pediasure Protein Health Supplement

Author Madhurie Singh (BE, MBA, India’s First Schools and Products Reviewer since 2006)

Who should read review of Pediasure?

This review this written for parents who are always on the lookout for good protein source so that they can provide their children a quick and convenient dose of protein. This is an honest review which may not be pleasing to many who started using their children on Pediasure as it is a great product for children who really are intolerant to gluten and lactose as mentioned in the package of the brand.

Best Protein Health Drink for Our Kids will be a fight that not just the brands, but the mother in us will have to go on with.

Image of Pediasure cylindrical package with purple lid

Ok yes its been a very very long overdue review of Pediasure, health drink, manufactured by Abbot Healthcare Pvt Ltd.

If you are a regular reader you would have read the series of health related changes I have been making very consciously for the future of my kids and my  family as a whole.

Read my article on Comparison on Protinex and Complan Click here to read.

I happy to share with you that last one year has been a nearly nil cough, cold, tummy upset and all petty immunity related diseases free.

So my shift to organic vegetables, organic grains, no plastic ware, no microwave, more of natural dry fruits and toughness with kids to eat what is served has paid off. Let me see how long we stick to it ;), cuz its easier to start a new act but to convert it into a mature habit is the real call.

A few changes I need to experiment with are trying out ozone purifier, yoga for kids, more home made soups every day to boost immunity, bathing with cold water (brrrr) slowly one day!

But for today Pediasure is what you get to read about.

Since I had started giving chocolate with milk and almonds everyday, I had stopped these health drinks supplements altogether. But saw this drink and wanted to give it a try.


Pediasure is a tasty powder with very very fine grains which are more like Horlicks type and similar tasting. Its pretty annoying to mix the powder in milk especially when in a hurry early mornings. You need to take little milk and mix the scoops by pressing the powder against the cup. But not as bad as Horlicks which would not be mixed 100%. I loved the taste as malt is my favorite taste.

My sons’ verdict, its best tasting drink till date ! :). I am not paid by any brand as I have realized paid reviews can never be Honest reviews. I want to Empower you so that you can Shape your child’s health and future.  I won best consumer awareness blog for this article by Avante Garde Bloggers Award. Do read this and share it with other mothers and empower them along with your own self. Best Protein Health Drink for Kids – Horlicks, Complan, Bournvita? I did a very detailed comparison of ingredients in each health drink.


While reading the ingredients I came across a line which said, NOT for Intravenous use. I laughed off loudly, imagining an upside down jar of Pediasure being given in the veins of a poor baby with highly hopeful parents standing by!

cartoon showing a child in hospital bed with Intravenous drip of Pediasure

Well after reading the ingredient, I was quiet put off and wanted to curse my own self for not looking into the label before hand in the mall.

The drink seems to be meant for medically pronounced malnutrition in  children who are sadly not able to digest milk or wheat !

To begin with it is not meant to be mixed in milk! SO it is not a milk taste enhancer which you may buy to make your child drink milk. It is supposed to be mixed with water. Where on earth is the time to give milk and then this water based drink into those tiny tummies.

I guess like it says its best for those kids who are lactose intolerant, which means they cannot digest cow milk or cow milk products.

It also says its gluten free, so again its meant for those kids who cannot tolerate wheat based food items.

My kids love to eat poori, roti and parathas and pizzas and pastas and noodles which is full of gluten!

Now we are concerned about giving protein in any form and not adding something into milk which is lacking protein, so why would we give a supplement which has no source of protein! So I read on…

List of ingredients which I am trying very hard to stay away from but found in Pediasure :

  • Corn Starch : Why would you give starch to your child that too in in powder form when there are already huge amount of starch in our daily diet?
  • Sugar : My kids now are learning to take milk with very low sweetness with great difficulty, so this addon is unnecessary.
  • Sodium Caseinate : This is an ingredient which is a substitute for milk protein and gluten protein. So to remind you again, in case your child is not able to digest milk or wheat products only then this drink is worth. Casein is otherwise found naturally in cow and human milk. It forms lumps in the stomach which is slowly digested to give energy and protein. That is why its found in most bodybuilding drinks as it give the feeling of fullness and sustained energy. But is it harmful. No, its not harmful to drink casein if its the only source of protein. Let me scare you. There is a report which says overdose of casein causes the cancer cells to grow. Damn, I just ordered organic paneer, so will have to hold on to Pediasure till paneer is over.
  • Soy oil :  Again this is meant to provide protein to those who are milk and wheat intolerant not for those who can happily digest milk, cheese, paneer, poori and parathas.
  • Mineral : All essential minerals we need are readily found in vegetables and fruits provided we eat a variety of them every month. (You need not eat all of the variety in a single day, even if you eat once a month is enough for your body as the body needs them in traces or tiny amounts only. The excess is out into the drain for the bacteria :), no wonder we have healthy bacteria and fungi.).
    • calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, copper, iodine, selenium, chromium, molybdenum
    • All these are present in vegetables, fruits, beans, dry fruits and grains. So an overdose is unnecessary.
  • Vitamins : A-K All these are present too in this drink. So it is definitely good vitamin supplement.


Costing wise its an expensive jar, costing Rs 459/- for a 400gm pack! So easily, you can calculate 1 tsp in this case 10gm is worth Rs 11.50- as the scoop is always a big heap. The pack suggests 5 scoops in water which is Rs 57.50 per glass !!!

Now we will not add in water as we are the moms who feel guilty giving anything mixed in water other than medicines. SO we will add the scoops in milk. Which is an additional Rs 10/-. So a glass of drink is worth Rs 67.5/- !!!! Atrocious. You can give them almonds, exotic fruits of their choice and fortified milk and still be not close to this figure. Now you want to give it twice as once the kids taste it, you have no choice, the cost is Rs 135/- approximately every day. Monthly it would be 4000/- :)!!!! just for the drinks.


It is mentioned very clearly that it can be given to kids 2 years and above only. So don’t even think supplementing mother’s milk with this for kids below 2 years. Unless prescribed by the doctors.

Summary My verdict:

I thinks this drink is for

  1. Kids who are not able to digest milk.
  2. Kids who are not able to digest wheat, barley and ragi etc.
  3. Kids who are not eating even a single meal fully or as they advertise for PICKY Eaters only!
  4. Kids who are probably trying to recover from diseases.
  5. Kids who throw up or vomit very frequently.

I think this drink is NOT Meant for

  1. Not meant for kids who are easily drinking milk twice a day or even once.
  2. Not meant for kids who are eating roti, bread, poori, paratha, pasta or noodles.
  3. Not meant for kids who finish off their breakfast, lunch, snacks or dinner with a little bit of coaxing.
  4. Not meant to be a taste and protein enhancer for generally healthy kids.

So lets not waste money on this drink supplement as it seems to be best when prescribed by the doctors for special conditions.

I think its unfair to even have this product in the malls. It is something which should be sold only through the chemists. It can an OTC product but in a medical shop only.

There is a danger that many parents will just buy this drink watching TV or reading the reviews on blogs written by ignorant and paid reviewers. The danger lies in over dose of many of the minerals when this supplement is given along with a good diet. Though the chances are rare as our fantastic body really has amazing mechanism to filter out hundreds of overdosed minerals, vitamins. So why waste money over this false hope unless seriously prescribed by the doctors. Also do not hesitate to question your doctor as to what is the need for any supplement.

Now you know it rings the bell as they really mean to sell it through the paediatricians as the number 1 supplement prescribed by the paediatricians, because they are the once who can check and tell if it is required for your baby or not ! So make sure you take an advice from your paediatrician before you switch on to Pediasure.

Do spread the post, to other moms who would want to know more about it.

Do read the last reference which I happen to land on.

I have written a long article with lot of research about best massage oil for newborns and toddlers. Do read it and comment as I did a lot of hard work in researching various research papers to find the proof of the benefits of massage oils in several medical journals. You may want to read this article also where I write about the real food items that will actually help in growth of height and body of your darling baby. How To Growth Strength & Height of Your Children?



Source wikipedia :

  1. Worldwide, gluten is a source of protein, both in foods prepared directly from sources containing it, and as an additive to foods otherwise low in protein.


crossbody bags : target PediaSure health drink supplement is not for every one!!

I do not have words for you... i will just say thank you and hats off to you

I am grateful that you read and appreciated my efforts. Apologies for late reply. Back to writing after a break.

Hi madhuri, My son is 4 1/2yrs old he can digest milk, wheat and ragi he s a good eater as well but he s lean fellow.. but my father in law by mistake bought pediasure without discussing with me I don't want waste the whole packet is it OK to give him the drink with water... Does it lead to any side effects pls reply

Ya go ahead

pediasure chocolate is very good now a day's i am using that pediasure has many flyovers but the chocolate is one of the best.

Hi.. Its a good read. but please get your facts straight. why would u give more than 5 scoops per day. it is not recommended. U have said monthly cost of supplements, if given Pediasure , will be 4000/-. HOW???? Per glass acc. to your calculation is only 67rs. Hence monthly it should be 2000 Rs. Also, tell me more about the milk you order. is it untouched by adulteration? U talk about pesticides and other organic stuff, what about the amount of water added to milk???

One needs to minimize all contamination one can. My local milk stood the test to date. Also Pediasure is not meant for all kids if your read the finer details. End of discussion.

Check the Pack. That is what they expect parents to follow. And that is precisely what I am also questioning?

Hi Madhuri Any information on Enfagrow will be helpful, I give my daughter atleast once in the morning with water.

Dear Madam, My 6 year old son suffering from cough since one year and he is taking inhaler twice in a day from 8 months under treatment of one of the Dr. But his cough problem recurring after every 15 - 20 days and after nebulizaition his cough get relief but inhaler continue to prevent. I am giving total 4-5 spoon of pediasure to my child in milk in a day since more than one year. He do not finish his breakfast meal and dinner. Only like to eat poori and parratha without any green vegetables. Also eat daal and roti but forcefully. He is under weight about 4kg as per bmi weight 18 kg height 110.5 bmi is 14.7 underweight 4.5kg. He love to drink milk with pediasure. I just want to know should I have to give pediasure to my child as he is underweight but suffering from cough since one year which recurring every 20 days even given inhaler continuously from 8 months. I will appreciate your reply to guide me. Thankyou

Add vegetable puree into atta and make poories. Give salads. Force him to eat one carrot only he can get one poori. Make poories and paranthas and pure desi ghee. Give banana milk share instead of Pediasure. If he does not drink, add pediasure in front of his eyes. Make stuffed parathas. Add ghee in daal. Cough will not go away by giving pediasure. Give him hot milk only. Give with pure honey and adrak before he sleeps. Start adding pure haldi into his milk. Give him chicken soup or palak soup with khada laung, eliachi, kali mirch, adrak, lehsun and haldi. Half cup is also enough. This will help his immunity. Visit a good ayurvedic doctor. The process will be slow but permanent. Before you make his body weak by depending on powder milk, start making healthy food. Stop all colored food. It is one reason for coughs. No biscuits for one week. No maggies types noodles and no burgers and pizzas for 15 days. Make him run bare foot on grass if possible else make him run with shoes. The more he runs his growth hormones will improve and all the healthy food will help his immunity.

Hi Madhurie, Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Pediasure. My 3 years old daughter is a picky eater and does not finish up her meal fully. Hence, I decided to give her Pediasure based on Doctor's advice of course. She's loving it now and she even started gaining her appetite.

Picky eaters need such supplements. But remember Soya is not very healthy as mostly is GMO. And all GMO food have loads of pesticides.

You are awesome. This is what everyone should do before buying a product. I feel that we need much more awareness in regards to balanced diet/nutrition which is key to prevent many illnesses. I really appreciate your effort in writing this.

True. Awareness is the key.

Hii I'm using pediasure for past 3 to 5 yrs , but now your product is not like before , the taste is different. It's only giving the chocolate taste which is unable to drink . It's soo uncomfortable , it's is also not soft like before .soo plz change your product to before

;) This is not my product.

but how much weight does it increases

Pls do a review on balance kids of pristine Organics

Kindly send several angle pictures of the product packing. It should be visible and details clearly readable. [email protected]

Hi pls do a review for enfagrow junior

I think it us not needed for children who are not son 2 years 4 month, after taking pediasure skipped breakfast and evening snack.this is bcoz he was already full after the drink.The drink involves slow digestion.

That 's why I have written it's not for everyone

Try Nutrilite ChoCo Drink. The best by every test. We recommended to so many and their children have benefited immensely. It's purest of pure and you get full value for money.

hlo.... my age is 21 i m little bit shotter so can i drink pediasure


Good information..

Good for week children but not good for healthy children

How about NUTRILITE Kids drink, Madhiri.

great article

Great article,like it very much. It will help me to deal one of the Abbott's (Pakistan) marketing guy continuesly recomending it for my daughter through call every month.

gud one

Thanks for sharing such valuable really helped me.....plz keep on sharing ur views

I would also agree with Kalpana & clarisse, I have personally see a lot of changes in my kid who was very lean and skinny since she was born, but after daily consumption of Pediasure we parents are really happy with teh growth and ofcorse immunity has increased, instead of paying for doctors & medicens i would rather invest on Pediasure and see a healty & active kid :)

Good job. I am glad your daughter is healthy.

Hey thanx alot for this really valuable information, even i was the one who gives pediasure with milk....really thankful

Consulted my son's doc and she had the same views.This is not meant for children who take a balanced diet.

Nice article!!! Really helpful in deciding if I should give such supplements to my child. Thanks alot .....

Wonderful article! I really appreciate the author for bringing up these facts.

does pediasure make a baby hyperactive? my 3 yrs old girl drinks pediasure once in the morning and she is hyperactive and distracted very easily during study.

Thanks for this one Kalpana! I just came from my daughter's Pedia and he recommended this Pediasure. My daughter is underweight and hopefully this milk can help her gain weight. I really don't care if it's an expensive milk as long as I can see the result in the future. ;)

Thanks for info. My query is to understand how Pediasure can increase memory Son is 2 year old and I am planning for Nutrition supplement for him, specially for Brain development. As my Son is pre-mature delivered, he was unable to get Omega-3 thru' his Mom. Kindly suggest what I can go for Omega-3 or brain development Nutrition....

I agree I find this only helpful when they are recovering from cold and cough or not really eating.

not at all...

i have been giving pediasure twice a day to my daughter who is now 9.5 years old.i started giving since last 4 years and my observation has been : immunity has increased , a child who use to fall sick every month falls sick only maximum twice a year, in fact i could even term as negligible sickness. i am short as a mother , merely 5 inches, at her age she is almost my height. so ur verdict on pediasure madhurie is outright incorrect. it is not only for fussy eaters. lets understand if the drink is so expensive, the cost factor does not matter for those who have seen benefits, and you have rated complan so highly ???? how many times have you seen pediasure ads in print or news vis a vis complan ? I urge you to reconsider the tags you have attached to this indeed proven drink. I guess more of survey ( practically ) by checking with moms who have been giving pediasure would help you change the views uve mentioned !!!

Hi Kalpana, Your personal views are perfect for your own family. But when I write it is more for a general population who have normal children and are looking for some supplement only for a reason as insignificant medically as taste or their emotional factor (we want to add something into the milk as other wise we feel guilty). As you have rightly mentioned it is meant for child like yours, who did not have good immunity and need to depend on supplements for the boosting of the immunity. Normal kids do not need any supplement to boost their immunity. Infact if the normal kids eat everything as per our Indian diet, there is no need for anything more. I write for those normal children's parents who ask me which is better protein supplement. They do not ask me which supplement will increase their children's immunity. That is not my forte as I am not a medical practitioner. Even if I have knowledge, it is not right on my part to advice any parent about something as serious as immunity supplement. Only a pediatrician is entitled to such decisions. And if you have ever heard the TV commercials or checked out the disclaimer on the packs. It always mentions that Pediasure must be prescribed by an pediatrician only. (ask yourself why would they want it to be prescribed by a doctor?) Now coming to the height issue. Lets talk about the height after she is 20 yr, right now she is a growing child. As we all are aware that girls grow faster than the boys in their teens (now a days teen is 9 and 10 yr). She is just 9.5 yrs and with the current food habits most kids are growing faster than in the kids in our times. The hormones in the food is making the children mature faster, so don't be surprised if she gets her periods in the next next one year time. In our times it used to be 13 to 15 yrs. If you read the content and the pack carefully, even the makers of Pediasure, claim its for those who are lactose intolerant! Like you mentioned about the cost. Very right. The high cost is justified only for those children who really need it (low immunity, low growth, low energy) but not for those children who are healthy, not falling sick every now and then and are growing fine. There are several ignorant moms who just go by the tv commercials and start giving pediasure to their kids. Those who were having health issues will benefit but those who are giving pediasure just as another emotional supplement, are wasting their money.

Thank you Madhurie with a huge breath of relief ;) I used it twice, but decided to revert to Complan this time- solely for the high price. Better to buy mamra almonds than invest in such supplements :)! And your article vindicated me big time...Thanx again.

Thank you very much...for the info

Thanks. Good info. It is indeed only for the picky eaters.

Hello, Madam firstly i would take this opportunity to thank you for your suggestions actually in one sense you have saved me from a big guilt as i was supposed to buy pediasure for my child who is 12-year old i thought of checking reviews given by someone who might be a fake reviewer. I would definitely pass your personal experience as a worthy information for any parent. i would appreciate you for awaking us from simply relaying on TV or reading the reviews on blogs written by ignorant and paid reviewer. Thank you. Neeraj

Can pediasure be take as a health drink for a 62 year old person?

Hey Catherine, if you are healthy and senior citizen, you must not depend on any supplement. But if there is deficiencies, you may want to first get all tests done to understand the problem or deficiencies. And then take supplements only for those that your body lacks. Pediasure is meant for kids because of the fat content which may be a bit difficult for senior people. Still consult a doctor before you start any thing.

Hi Madhirie, Thanks for all these information. What is your say on Amul PRO? Please let me know. Which one is good Amul PRO or Complan? Thanks Vivek

Hi I need to ask one thing shall I give kids drink from nutrilite. and its scored no 1 in PDCAAS and WHO?

Never go by the ads. Its only meant for the profitability of the manufacturers.

Thnx a lot dear... After giving pediasure to my child child health become worst... he lose every interest in food and become too weak . Advertisement is the only to make fool for health concerning parents.... It 's just a selling gimmick without giving full information to consumers...

I think he is fine so no need to get panicked

I think you need to recheck it with your dr

Not right place to ask this question. Use contact form


For whom

hi impressed with ur work.i have a 15 months old son his weight is 8 kgs..(birth wt 3.3 kgs).pls suggest me what can i do to gain his weight

Hi Shyam, I think he is perfectly fine.

Hello Madhurie, long time i did not take any suggestion from you so here i am to bother you. My daughter is going to play school from last 2 weeks. Her moods swing very often. She becomes angry and scream on us and than she cries. Before going school it was fine. We talked to her teachers and she said that her behavior is good in the class and also take active participation in activities. Please suggest if this is normal or do we need to do something to help her coming out from this. Thank You, Gaurav Bhatia

She has just started to goto a playschool. Its normal to have changes in the moods. She must be tired, may be her sleeping pattern is disturbed, may be she is not used to sitting in a place for long, may be she does not like the teacher... Just talk to her. Ask her why she likes home more and you will come to know what is that she is missing in the school. Can it be compensated in the school? Talk to the teachers as to how they can help and make her more comfortable. Teach her Good Touch Bad Touch concept asap. Ask her if she does not like anything in the school? Discover with her what is unpleasant. She may not know it herself.

Thank your Madhurie, She is not comfortable with school. One more help need. Can you please suggest me some veg food that can increse hemoglobin level for my daughter. Currently its 10 gm/dL Thank you

Beet root juice, apples, jaggery, dark green leafy veggies, daals, beans, rajma, sprouts and khajur. An important tip, Iron is absorbed best with vit C. So never mix calcium or milk when giving these above food. So paneer with palak is not a good combination for iron. :) Neither gets absorbed properly.

Plz rreply maam...should i stick to pedia or should i buy complain ..does complain have DHA

Also happy to came across your articles..very good maam..nice n inspiring work.

Maam , my 4 yr son is a fussy eater .he doesnt eat anyvthing except milk.his stomatch gets upset with only milk.initially i was giving i have started pediasure.can i giv him as he doest eat at all

Hi Shadab, kindly meet a doctor. If his stomach gets upset, he may be having lactose intolerance. The milk protein may be not getting digested in his stomach. Ideally this is a good reason to give pediasure. Still you must consult a doctor as pediasure has soy which may also cause intolerance to some kids.

Hello Madhurie, I really liked your thorough review on Pediasure. I have been giving it to my son since he turned 2. He is now 4.5 years old. Recently I came across another product called "NUTRILITE® Kids Drink Mixed Fruit Flavour" Could you please comment on this?

Hello madhurie,really its a wonderful review.Thanks for the detailed information.I have 2 sons(7yrs & 3yrs).Am continously giving pediasure once a day with milk from the they crossed 2 yrs.But now i have decided to stop as they eat well(fruits,veg,dry fruits etc) and are healthy(touch wood).My kids have milk twice a day i.e with pediasure in the morningand with lion dates syrup at night.No sugar at all in the milk.Shouid i continue with dates syrup madhurie.What do u suggest.Where can i write to u if i have a query regarding kids.TIA.

Hi Jyothi, I am not a doctor or a nutritionist. I am an informed and well aware mom. So this query should be to a doctor. I do not add any supplement in the milk now. I just ensure that every morning after a glass of milk, there are fresh almonds or walnuts for my sons. In the evening too, its either a cold coffee or a fruit milk shake. No additive.

Hi Madhurie singh..i was very much impressed with your article it is an eye opener for those who wanted to know about these health drinks...i have a 2yr old son..i usually maintain a healthy diet but sometimes he doesn't have his meals properly and he is short in height compared to others of his age group but correct in weight is it necessary to give him pediasure once in a week in order to improve his height

I am will advice you to meet a doctor and get advice.

[…] You all must have read my review on comparison of Complan, Boost, Bournvita, Horlicks. If not read it here  Ever since that article was published I found several parents requesting me to compare Protinex with Complan or review Protinex, Nutrilite and protein shakes for the health of their children. There is another high demand article by parents on Pediasure, that you can read here. […]

My son is 13 months old. The pediatrician ordered for him to be put strictly on pediasure until he has a swallow study done because they believe his food he is eating is going into his lungs. He woke up this morning screaming and crying and as soon as I picked him up he started vomiting a thick white substance. I do not know what could be wrong any ideas???????????

Dear DarkPrincess, I am sure you have a beautiful name and better than Felicia. I really appreciate real people with real names. :) I am not a registered medical practitioner. So I am not qualified to answer this question Why din't you ask this to your doctor. Do it asap. was a wonderful reveiw.. but i m still left confused.. my twins(both fussy eaters) just refuse everything i of them is just against trying new things..their height n weight is beliw normal..but my paed refused to any health supplements.. she said its just a phase..try new recipes. but i tried almost everything.. then lured to pediasure.. gave it twice then saw your review.. but still confused...what to do with my kids

Dear Vibhuti, It's every mom's worry. I can't help as I do not know their age!

Hello Madhurie Hope you are doing good!!. I have very silly question to ask. I am not sure if you are the right person to contact for this. I had the first hair cut(Mundan) of my daughter in Oct 2013. Her growth of hair is little slow from her birth. Now we have heard that if we get her hair cut once again then she will have a good hair with growth. Can you please give your valuable suggestion. Thank you Regards Gaurav

Dear Gaurav, I am thrilled to hear a question related to Mundan! Hope you have read my article on mundan. Click this link to read this very important article about shaving babies head. If you still have any question or doubt do write to me. And kindly write your query under this article.

i have been giving my child Pediasure since the time she has turned two, and i am extremely happy with the product. She is a healthy baby and has a good weight and height. She is also a regular eater of roti, paratha, bread etc. It is definitely not meant for any specific category of children and can be consumed by all.

Dear Chiro, I am glad your daughter is a happy and healthy baby. The fact that she is eating everything proves she is actually excreting the expensive Pediasure :) out of her body as she really does not need anything artificial. Most of the times it is the parents feel good factor that keeps them from logically realizing the need of any supplement.

Hello Madhurie, i need your another advise that for ex. my daughter is going to sleep at 11:00 pm then she get up around 09:00 am next day however she wakes up 1-2 time in night for 5-10 mins and again goes for sleep. Her sleeping total time is around 9 hours. Is that normal or not? Thank you

Ya 10 hours sleep is perfectly fine.

Hi Madhurie, My son is close to 3 years now. He likes Pediasure very much directly instead of mixing it in water. He takes a tumbler and put 1 spoon and starts eating it. Is it ok to have it directly?

Hi Raghu, I would not encourage it at all. Any supplement does have good and bad effect when overdone. But if he is otherwise not a fussy eater, then it can be ok to have a tablespoon of pediasure but make it conditional. Tell him he can eat provided he has done his homework or anything that he is fussy about.

Hello Madhurie, Thank you for your advise. We are trying to give her cow's milk. But i think it might take some time for her to like the taste. My wife is trying hard not to give her breast feed. You wanted to know the doctor name and city. So city is gurgaon and doctor is Dr. kaberi

Hi Gaurav, Just stop feeding her breast milk now! She will cry for just 1-2 days and trust me you will see a magical acceptance to cow's milk. Just be little tough.

Hello Madhurie, This info is really helpful. My daughter is 2+ and still takes mother feed. Touchwood she can have food like chappati, puri, upma, dry fruits and seasonal fruits. One day she was not well so we took her to docter. She advised to give her PediaSure. But we personally dont want to give her anything which i unnatural. Can you advise us please, what can we do so that she can start having milk. Is these Bourvita or Complain are safe or not. Thank you Gaurav

Hi Gaurav, kindly ask your wife to stop feeding your daughter asap! Maximum breast feed should be only up to 10-12 months. 2 years! is way too long and now your daughter is sucking calcium and fat out of her mom's body that will show its effect in the old age. All moms must breastfeed only upto one year. Else their bones will grow weak and body pain, arthritis and brittle bones will cause problems in the old age of your wife. This is also the reason for your daughter to not get enough calcium and nutrition as she has to now depend only of outside food. She need not take pediasure if she is eating all that you mentioned. Kindly mention the name of the doctor and the city too.

Stop milk and feed solids else your child will suffer from malnutrition. And due to dependence on Pediasure, his body will stop using natural minerals and vitamins. Milk can be only 2 times . Kids are lazy and smart. Little tantrum and they force parents to take their way.

My 3 yr old son do not like to eat chapatis, rice/ pulao, dal, kadhi, fruits/ juice etc though he sometimes savour noodles, chana, almond/wal nut, ladoos (because of chhota bheem). He is fed Pediasure for the last one year once daily without doctor's advice (self prescription based on telemedia promotion) ! Is this alright. Can you suggest an alternative health drink.

Madhurie Singh My 3 yr son, who suffers from cold and cough throughout the year is fed tusli n honey kadha regularly but he still misses many of his kindergarten classes. I believe these ayurvedic wonder drugs have also lost some of their healing power bcoz of high pollution levels.

Varun Khurana Oho! Hmm ! Well nothing wrong in finishing it off :) but no need to really be dependent on it. It's not harmful but not necessary. We parents are so eager to give our kids everything advertised but would be best if we assess if there is any need first.

Madhurie Singh actually i bought one yesterday and after that i read ur review i m in a fix whether to start pediasure to my 4 year old kid or not ....

Why will a healthy kid anything supplementary?

Is pediasure harmful for a normal child ?

Thanks Madhurie.. :)

Neesha Agarwal you just like her page and you'll get to read many intersting things :)

Thanks Somya, Kindly read these articles.

sis..... pls share the answer also if u get

Very nice review. I never belived in giving nutrition supplements to my Child as he eats properly according to his age (1yr 8 mnths). Many people recommended to give him PediaSure as he is short height. Sometimes I used to feel to guilty but I could never convinced myself to give him these supplements. This article has really helped me to stick to my decision. But I need your help as this is the first time doctor has adviced me to give him Calcium (Calcirol D3) weekly and Protiex (in milk) daily just for his short height. There is no defeciency detected as such. Should I go for it?

Bushra Firdous Thanks :)

Excellent review. Just searched google for pedisure and it your article. Needless to say pharmacies try and sell this as its expensive and my daughter is not allergic nor she is mal nourished.

My new forum is up. If you want to ask new questions or start any discussion it will be great. I really want to see you on forum to start a new discussion or answer to someone's questions.

My new forum is up. If you want to ask new questions or start any discussion it will be great. I really want to see you on forum to start a new discussion or answer to someone.

I am really glad to know your son is healthy. Touche wood and bless him. As far as my review for Pediasure goes, I do not ever say its bad. It's just not right for all kids who need a supplement for either taste enhancer or maybe for a protein supplement. The rest of the stuff in Pediasure is not needed by normally most kids as they are eating and drinking everything. Coming back to cold and cough. It's a known fact that until the age of 5-6 years, all kids have to bear the brunt of more than 400 cold viruses! Now even if they manage 3-4 cold virus per season, you can do the math for the number of years to get all thru. But as kids grow, they eat food, especially vegetables and fruits that starts to improve their immunity. So you will every year the kids have lesser and lesser episodes of cold and coughs. More protein and carbs and good fat in the food , everything helps to build the body stronger to fight these little invaders or keep them at bay. What worked for your baby you must know better. But a tiny advice. Do not get dependent on any external source of vitamins and minerals for long. The body is very very smart but also very lazy. It stops to recognize natural stuff if given easily absorbable once. May be rotation of other such supplement like Nutrilite, Complan and real fruits/vegetables.

Hello Madhurie, I appreciate your efforts to bring such a detailed and easy explanation about the good and bad of Pediasure for all parents. I have a son aged three years going to the kindergarten and in my case Pediasure is working as a boon to my child's health (TOUCHWOOD). Before starting with the Pediasure he will get high fevers (as high as 104 deg F) just from a common cold and cough. As we are living in Germany, the doctors are reluctant to give antibiotics at the early stages as they say, that the child should build up the immunity fro such diseases, and for us watching our son recovering from the sickness is the worst punishment that any parent will wish for.My son is not a picky-eater and has no problem in digesting any kind of food, then why is he still not able to build the resistance against the diseases. He underwent all types of tests and diagnosis to find the root cause of his one month long fever. But all the tests results were normal and yet no solution for his long ailment and no special medicines. Then as we were in India my mother-in-law suggested me the Pediasure drink for my son and I should tell you even though it is very bad weather in Germany, my son is not affected with cold and cough. It is really relaxing for us to see our only child healthy. I wanted to share my experience with you and I suggest that Pediasure is not that harmful for the kids who have similar problems.

Hi Sathya, I think we have to initially force them with at least one piece of a fruit, before a meal or before anything she loves to do, like watch TV or read stories or play. That will inculcate habits slowly. Kids in my experience start liking fruits as they grow. So keep introducing every 6-8 weeks the same fruits. Also making fruit salad, topping with chocolate or adding in custard, mixing with curds are some tips. My kids started eating by force. No banana, no play. That's the only thing they detest, rest they can live on fruits like monkeys. :)

Hello Madhurie, Thanks for very detailed informative research result, my daughter gets cold very frequently and started with pediasure which I thought it has more healthy contains, do you have any other health drinks suggestion which will keep her healthy and will help in preventing from cold. also she is nil intake of fruits.

Hello Madhurie , you wrote that it should be added in water but if you see the lebel they have mentioned "also tastes delicious with milk", which I feel shouldn't be mentioned. Thank you for the post again and will forward this msg to all my frnds :)

welcome :)

Many thanks.

Awesome! I love parents like you who take charge!

stopped Pediasure n started giving plain milk with tulsi honey n a small dose of pepper to my 4 yrs old son who otherwise would have cold n cough throughout the year and would puke whenever he coughs. It really paid. I could c a huge difference in resistance level. Happy!

Thanks Suman

its very good information.

Thanks Neelima

Very informative....

good information...

Thankssssssssss alott dear, really worried after reading whole stuff....i too gave her for sometimes as she doesn't like having it all the time :) God bless u for your this help, thanks once again :)

Its great for kids. I now give Complan sometimes, honey, plain milk or chocolate powder alternately.

Please can u tell me about complan is it good or not? means is it harmful for kids?

Thanx fr d infmatn

Thanx fr d infmatn

haye rabba .......india ch kuj vi sahi nahi aa .......banon waleyan nu vi pata ke padna kise ne nahi ADDS vekh ke sab ne lelena,thank god essa kuj nahi dita diksha nu kade mian

thanx for posting a well explained review.

Anu Narayanam, My kids were really and i think even now a big fan of chicken nuggets and McD burgers. After I came to know how its made and what it contains artificially to give it the look and feel of chicken (not much real chicken), I searched for youtube videos for how its made and showed my kids. Then explained to them in detail as grossly possible. :) Now they do not demand though I know deep down they still miss it. So I have started making nuggets at home.

Hi, Please advise if I can give Godrej Sofit(Soy Milk) to my chilren aged 8 and 5 years.

Hi Shweta, I really do not know about your kids conditions. Also I am not a doctor. :) I can tell you that based on the reviews choose a brand which suits your kids. I have stopped giving them any thing in their milk. Started adding honey in place of sugar. The greens and fruits have increased. Almonds and berries in the morning when I remember and plenty of fresh home cooked food only.

Pediasure is not for healthy kids with no allergies.

now a days, it really became difficult to choose what to give and what not to give for kids.foods like instant noodles,kids get attracted from ads on television (i heard that it is not good to eat,in long run it has bad efects) with lot of patience i'll explain (bad effects )for my kids repeatedly when ever they ask me to buy such foods.but i don't know how long they will listen to me????

Read my sites about complan, bournvita, horlicks, pediasure etc. Give a search on these names and my name, you will reach the right link.

I know how it feels when you do not follow the general opinion, but trust me do what you feel is right. Most do not even think and follow others, but you are doing the right thing. I have also started giving them plain milk with honey instead of sugar. Why not shift from sugar as much possible when we know its a white poison! To great job keep up the courage to do what is right !

may I know about other health drinks?

thanks for posting this madhurie..i don't believe in giving health drinks for my kids..but when I speak to other mothers I feel guilt.both my kids love to drink plain milk.but now after reading this article I'm guilt free.

Its good to know you are spreading some awareness among people. Most of them just go by what-others-do rather than doing their research. keep up the good work.

Thanks alot for the info.. will surely do some googling and find out more.. but still would like to know more abt ur home research.. bcoz before coming to any conclusion you surely do ur home work very well, and it has also help me take decisions..

Dear Madam, All health drinks, supplements, powders etc. delivers very less to your body than what they claims on label. Natural things would be the best source for human body (fresh organic veggies, dry fruits, daily exercise is all u need and i hope ur making ur kids to do that....Its more than need to go to these worthless things) I am following the same thing. (Thanks for contact no of gorus) One more most important thing (abstain from allopathic medicines specifically NSAID's, steroids and antibiotics as i read ur old blog where u narrated ur act of gulping 7 to 8 pills for the sake of back pain)....all of them are fatal chamicals to your body (Must be used very cautiously, when needed with the advice of skilled, experienced and trustworthy medical practitioner) sometimes i will send you some links which will expalin in detail why they are fatal to our health. good luck

Thanks Vivek for the concern and advice. Do send me the links soon. 

Thanks Kavitha, I would really appreciate if you share this info with other moms.

Well I have only my home based experiments to share, though there are several research papers on internet to read. But you cannot really believe on all of them. So unless there is a serious and worthy research I cannot write on microwave. But personally I have stopped cooking in microwave after I did my own home research.

nice review.. really helpful.. can you please explain your logic behind no microwave. thanks in advance..

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