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By Madhurie Singh, May 06, 2013

I guess like many bloggers I too am making a bit of difference in the bottom lines of the products reviewed by me. After a school calling me to change a review, this time it’s a big children’s product brand that wants me to remove the article for a good sum!


My first thought, is it not like a supari !!!!!

Supari given to let the brand continue spoiling the health of the kids by paying me a sum?

No! Nothing will be changed or removed as Google has already indexed it 🙂 and I am loving it.

I am not writing to promote brands at the cost of the lives and health of children. My prime reason for writing is and has always been to create an awareness amongst the parents about the ingredients used in anything that children ingest. If they still wish to use that is their prerogative.

So dear brands, it would make sense if you changed the ingredients that is questionable than the article. After all you have a better chance of  survival with healthier kids. You want my advice I will be happy to help. And write a new article when you have improved your product.

My new forum is up. If you want to ask new questions or start any discussion it will be great. I really want to see you on forum to start a new discussion or answer to someone's questions.


Thanks Pankaj

Thanks Amit

Yes I am doing a comparative study on shampoos and toothpastes.

Good. I would like u to add some light on other bab products also. like johnson & johnson and others that are used extensively.

rightly said..

Great decision

Well said.

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