Poetry of schools in Pune

By Madhurie Singh, August 22, 2013

THIS was sent to me by someone anonymous. If anyone knows the writer, do let me know to give due credit for this wonderful work.

The views are NOT MINE. And kindly do not get carried away by the claims in the stanza below. I do not agree with most.

Cliches clutter the landscape of our vocabulary. And an oft repeated boast is about our education system being the best. With more than hundred schools in Pune, we rate the ten best schools.Ever wondered what makes a good school? Where education is not considered to be layers of rote learned or marks printed that certify your intelligence. Here’s how we assessed the quality of education a school can offer…

ST MARY’s : Love it! Hate it! But you can’t ignore it. Raising the hackles of many with their fantastic results to crow about, the school has lush green surroundings, clean classrooms, a sparkling swimming pool and a sprawling ground to boot! To the outsider, Mary’s is one great act of snobbery, a playground for the elite where the girls roll yet another `r’ in their yankee accents. But then best have always been a target of sniping, we have been told. Cut out for the students of the 90’s – its smart, result oriented with a touch of panache! Not for the wilting wallflowers.

St Vincent’s : The common refrain amongst harassed parents who cannot get their wards into Vincent’s is hard luck! With content based studying that provides mind-blowing results, excellence in sports and well behaved boys, Vincent’s is all about a principal’s authoritative leadership that trickles down to the teachers and students! Interspersing their academic exploits with the song, dance and drama routine, they are groomed into well rounded personalities.

St Joseph’s : Admission into St. Joseph’s is coveted. “The best school this side of town” The students boast about the reputation they have earned for themselves… They talk of fantastic laboratories, computers and consistent good results and the fact that the school lays equal stress onto all round development with a hand in every pie from choir festivals to hockey! And if you don’t believe us, ask the Loyola boys next door… They’ll vouch for these pretty lasses!

St Anne’s : What sets St. Anne’s apart from other schools is that its not regimental in its approach. The emphasis is on moulding the character of the citizens of tomorrow without making them buckle under pressure. With a merry mix of children from all the stratas of society, the principal’s work towards inculcating deep rooted values in the children and if the need be, in the parents too, as the school faculty has regular interaction with the parents. The liberal atmosphere, the wonderful rapport that the teachers have with the students and parents and most important with the teachers themselves. Breaking away from the stereotypical convent school with a rigid framework.

Abhinav : Their results are always up to their expectations. A school that echoes the ethos that Maharashtra is all about… They are definitely in touch with the pulse of the student. With no ranks but only grades being given till the 10th standard, a point also strong in their favour is the equal distribution of opportunities for the students so that each one has a chance to discover his/her hidden talent. A typical puneri school, yes that’s what Abhinav is all about!

St Helena’s : The green uniform, the good ole’ red buildings…St Helena’s is all about trying to find a balance between academics and extra-curriculars. While results have kept the flag flying high, their new renovations have added a slick look to the school. While they also have a hostel for the boaders, they have all the makings of a great school!

Bishop’s: What does one say about a school that has thirty-six curricular activities? Yes, here is not a school that is academic crazy. From sharing buses with the St. Mary’s Girls (Oops, not anymore) to socials with the girls from St.Helena’s, to showing their prowess on stage and on the field, here are boys who have perfected the art of social grace, small talk and interesting observations! Though boys will be boys is the common refrain, the school bonding remains very strong!

Loyola’s : With a perfect score for their top-of-the line facilities like a swimming pool, gigantic grounds, a huge drive-in, Loyola’s is a school that has a well rounded faculty. While kids might complain of the blow-hot-blow-cold rapport between the teachers and the students, they rate their school highly for the good reputation they have earned despite all odds. While Loyola’s success on the field is undeniable, their devil-may-care attitude is always the subject of discussion. Besides, ELSA (Ex-Loyola Students Association) helps to renew the old boy network, while some even stay back to finish their Junior College from the school itself!

Symbiosis : From Pre-school to Post-graduation, Symbiosis is an umbrella institute that deals with complete education. With the school divided into three different sections under three different principles – the kids are a happy lot who move through three different styles of leadership without any complaints. One of the highlights of the system is the appointment of a parent of one student from each class as the representative. The other parents voice their grievances to this class representative who sorts it out with the respective teachers. Even though, it is a relatively new school, it has grown by leaps and bounds. The results promising, the rapport healthy, the extra curricular activities impressive. All in all, a school to watch out for

St Mary’s boys Section : Set up as the legend goes, to prove a point, the Mary’s Boys School has done just that! With only a few batches having passed out of their corridors, it might be a little early for the high fives, but the exemplary results have silenced all the critics. Boys from the school boast about the sincere effort of the teachers , the strict but concerned principal concedes slowly about the lack of proper grounds and extra-curricular activities. These young men definitely bring back memories of a generation that opened doors and pulled up chairs for ladies and said `Thank You Ma’am’

Dear Dinesh Jain, kindly post your review about the City International School Satara Rd on schoolkhojo.com. Very soon I am starting auditing the schools and public will be rating them. Based on the ratings all schools will be ranked. But as parents you have to take the first step, to rate and review , only then they will see the need to improve.

my kids r in city international satarra rd, no contact with teachers no teachers feed back i feel todays education is gone to drain i feel grading of school is a must

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