Pune School Admission Seminar 11th Jan 2014

By Madhurie Singh, January 04, 2014

Expert : Ms Madhurie Singh

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1. About Pune School and Product Review Site

2. Write down all the questions you wish to ask about schools and admission in the form.

3. How to assess schools?
Age ?
Which board?
How far from home?
Modern vs. Traditional schools ?
New vs. Old Schools ?
Status of my family ?
Strict vs. non-strict staff ?
Brand name ?
Curriculum ?
Teachers and Principal ?
Fee ?
4. How to select the best school for my child ?

5. What are the questions asked in Parent interview session?

6. What are the ways to prepare my child for the interaction with teachers?

7. All and Any school related query that you may have on your mind.

Entry valid Per ticket one couple (only parents of the children) allowed.

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What is the site address for online admissions for 11th standard science stream for 2014 in Pune ?

I want to attend this seminar for my daughter's nursery's admission. Please let me know if there is any drop out so i can attend.

I doubt there will be any dropouts. You may wait for the next seminar or attend the workshop or phone consulting.

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