Last Pune school admission seminar 2013, Sat 5th Jan 2013

By Madhurie Singh, January 04, 2013

Once again book your seats for the School Admission Seminar on 5th January 2013, Saturday, 5:00pm – 8:00pm for Pune schools like Bishops, St Marys, Dps and many others.

The School admission seminar will

  1. Help you understand my experience of 6 schools where my kids have been to before finally settling to the current school.
  2. Save time in years to learn from the seminar what are mistakes that you can avoid while taking school admission.
  3. Save money that you will waste as admission fee as high as 70 thousand, in case you choose wrong school.
  4. Learn about all the factors the schools look for in application forms.
  5. Learn how to make sure your school admission interview successfully give admission to your child.
  6. Ask and clarify all the school related doubts and questions.
  7. Make sure the school you finally choose is the school for the next 10 years for your child.

All these you can avail in this Seminar as the last chance to meet me in a group session of the school admission seminar.

Book your seats here or you can come directly to the Seminar by writing to [email protected] for the details.

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