Random preparation for the future of my kids

By Madhurie Singh, June 25, 2012

A lot of inputs and queries from parents who call me and many who have been there done that types have inspired me to write this article.


A few things that I am currently pursuing for the future benefits of my kids.

  • Reading a book called "Physics of the Future: How Science Will Change Daily Life by 2050 by Michio Kaku
    • This book is about all future inventions and discoveries and new products that are in the prototype stage right now but will become part of the lives of the kids when they grow up. Obviously, life will be different when semiconductors may be replaced and the current computer industry might be replaced!  Will it be worth pursuing IT ? And many such questions are popping into my mind looking at the scientific changes which seem unthinkable today but which have the potential to change careers, create new ones and abolish current career fields completely.
  • I am also thinking of why we all must make our kids follow our footsteps! Make them opt for small business ideas from the beginning and explore their business sense now.
    • The best way to train, test and encourage is by letting them create something on their own and try selling it to the peer group. 
    • Participating in fests in schools and local areas to get experience of handling customers, queries, selling, accounting and improvising.
    • I do not want them to believe that only professional like engineers, doctors, architects and such are respectable careers. The business of new ideas is equally respectable and more profitable.
    • I am teaching them the importance of taking risk which we were never even exposed to even to the level of discussions at home.
    • I talk money with them, value of everything they buy, ask them to read the MRP and quantity and decide before keeping the basket.

  • I am also keeping an eye at their passion areas to see where it swings and how correct is my assessment.
  • Thanks to Satyamev Jayate, it has become easy to explain many social topics to my kids.
    • Like today when we watched the episode on Organic farming and how it will help reduce cancer, I could foresee that Cancer will be the number one killer in future thanks to all that we have consumed and will consume. How the demand for Oncologists and onco-radiologists will soar in future?
  • The latest is to prepare myself for the competition they will be facing.
    • Vedic maths is one thing I want to teach my kids. So now learning advance course. Since I used to invent my own formulas, its fun time for me and keeps my brain also active. ( Old age spares no one, so brain must be kept active.)

The list is evergrowing and will keep adding here for my own benefit.

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